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  • Haf48 Haf48 Apr 28, 2005 6:33 PM Flag

    Re: Update

    What's with Dow going to Paris for conference when they aren't sellin any machines internationally. What a waste of money especially when they can't grow their business here in the states. Maybe they need to buckle down to business over here first. How about increasing stock value.

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    • It sounds like chairman Dow wants to take an all expense paid vacation to Paris to enjoy some fine wine and cheese. Might as well use up whatever cash is left while he can. I would love to see what he plans to present as an overview of the company.

      1. Last year our revenues were 2.4 million, and it only cost us 10.66 million(cost of sales). We spend $4.44 to make a $1.

      2. Our machine has been approved for several years. Last year we spent 6.7 million on R+D, but we still have not commercialized the device in terms of cost and reliability.

      3. We are pissing through our Durus windfall at an alarming rate. No sign of a profitable business model in sight. Our printer is standing by ready to print more shares at a moments notice.

      4. Our competition is catching up and might soon grab market share. It doesn't really matter because we have not made any significant market penetration anyways.

      5. I'm (Dow) very experienced. I've bled several companies dry.

      In conclusion, you can see that things are going very well. We are on track to be profitable by the year 3030!