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  • Haf48 Haf48 Dec 16, 2005 7:51 PM Flag


    The point has been made that Durus has violated law by their procurement of stock over the legal limit. Whether or not this can be accountable for the contained price and volume movement remains to be proven in court but definately has tainted the playing field that this company and stock has had to contend with. I would say since the SEC is going after Durus again to relinguish their holdings, seems clear that this stock has been fraudulently manipulated. To want to hold Durus accountable for this is the just and right thing to do. Now whether there has been any complicity on the part of Aksys management in relation to their running of the company at the expense of stockholders and their trust and value in the company is another concern. I would say that when Aksys sued Durus that that would have been a clear signal for the shareholders to take action also. There still may be some alternatives to addressing this. As I said before, it would be nice if the SEC could regain control of the excess shares that Durus owns and then give back to Aksys for them to place back into the market. Hopefully this stock and company will not be besieged by further illegal manipulation. I am sure that many investors have lost money in this story. Truly there is risks involved with any investment but when there is the intrusion of illegal manipulation then that is another matter.