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  • ar2743 ar2743 Dec 22, 2005 10:16 PM Flag

    Goodwill on DHRs books

    I've read the many critical posts on this board time and again regarding the goodwill on DHRs books. Yet Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, also acquisitive of many other companies, carries a great deal of goodwill on its books but I dont see the outporing of criticism there. Indeed,
    Berkshire Hathaway is praised for its acumen and continuing success!

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    • Nice post. Have been holding DHR a long time.
      It's the first one I've read here that actually makes me wonder about the stock.
      And you did it without juvenile Nazi metaphors,
      baseless comparisons to Enron, Worldcomm, Tyco, et al.

      You didn't even wish that anyones wife and kid should die violent deaths
      in the sickest analogy I've seen used here.

      Well done!

    • cubswincubswincubswin2001 cubswincubswincubswin2001 Jan 12, 2006 1:39 PM Flag

      I think I know who this lady 'danaherlady' is. She's in lock-step with the current ruling elite ... the "good nazi" moniker will be her life-long legacy. Ew.

    • I think know who this guy "timeforabookdeal" is. He works in the Marengo,IL plant. He's something else!

    • Encore!

      DHR is it's own worst enemy.

    • Iracnodrog,
      1.) You shouldn't use a duplicate name for damage control.

      2.) My dream life was never an author.

      3.) Who said that I was ever let go and sit in a dark cube?

      4.) Danaher must be really worried to try to ID me.

    • s123vg987,right on pal. But why are you sad about the state of affairs? With Larry, QDC went out, GI in. He makes the big bucks to figure out the G & I shit. See, he came up with the keep$shareholder$happy value and knew it took real MBA skills, the kind one sees in the mirror everyday.

      So whaddya know, s123vg987? This "make it ugly" has made your face ugly. Take it elsewhere pal.

      Gotta dream great, good don't cut it no more.

      Read any good books lately?


    • Sure Kenny, try to change the subject.

      You contended that DHR stock is up. Sure it is up if you look at the long term, but in the past year, DHR is not looking so good.

      I guess that all the problems that us malcontents are reporting might actually be valid and they are finally catching up with Danaher.

      If you believe so much in DHR, why not dump your entire portfoio in the stock.


      I though so.

      As far as being childish, I would rather be a child than a screwface napoleanic nazi psycho.

    • dear hahadanaher, no, i am talking about my 1200$ investment in fluke that is now worth 168k.
      name calling is so childish. why don't you grow up.

    • The BS spouted by Larry on My Danaher is truly nauseating. I've never heard more hollow words. The sad part is, Danaher wasn't always like this. We used to say things like "blameless environment" and "we are non-political" and mean them. Anyone remember "make it ugly"? That referred to making a measurement as ugly as possible so that problems could be identified and then tacked. No what today's mantra should be - "Make the BS smell like roses". I've met top managers that don't want to understand the issues; they just want a story. And they get promoted! While those that want to roll up their sleeves and fight to do the right thing are ground up.

      A few other things have amused me on the message board lately. One, talking where delivery vs. quality. THIS DIDN'T USED TO BE A QUESTION. Anyone remember QDC? If you don't - it stood for Quality, then Delivery then Cost. But look at the debate now from the Danaher supporters - "hey, get it their on-time and sort out what quality is later". Unbelievable. Everyone knows it's now CCC - cost, then cost then cost. Oh, actually, C, LCR and LCM - cost, low cost region purchasing and low cost region manufacturing.

      Next, the BS employee survey. Let's see - ask whether management prioritizes delivery over quality ... and ask the managers. Gee, lets ask the foxes ... are the hens properly guarded. Again, I've seen this manipulated for personal gain. And I've seen good people targeted from employee surveys. The politics at Danaher makes its placement in Washington DC an appropriate choice.

      Finally, debating whether there are financial shenanagins going on. Asking to blow whistles and to name names. No one has to do that. Look at the street. The P/E of the stock has dropped - despite the huge focus on this. Danaher is an astute acquirer - they relentlessly look for "good buys". But the fortitude to do what it takes to grow a business is gone. This might not show up in a few months, or even a few years, but the short-sighted management is obvious. Think about it - Danaher loves to pass around "analyst" comments about how brilliant they are, but the stock doesn't respond. Maybe, just maybe, there are some smart people that don't buy into the propaganda. I love reading a report on Danaher that looks like Larry wrote it. Since those never move the stock any more, I'm thinking the BS detector has been gone off.

      That's how I'll end. Danaher used to be process focused. In fact, PD training was all about how policy deployement (PD) was different than Management by Objective (MBO) because it was the process that mattered, not the results. Holy cow has that evaporated. Numbers that are good get rewarded; numbers that are bad get punished - and the details behind the cause of them are completely ignored. Good people have been let go and have left on their own. Ambitious people who have no conscious have gotten ahead. This process of improperly seeding the organization will catch-up with Danaher. While the current top regime might not understand, it is still true - bad processes will lead to bad results.

    • Stupid is as stupid does...that's mama always said.

      Executive Decision

      An executive was in quandary. He had to get rid of one of his staff. He had narrowed it down to one of two people, either Debra or Jack. It would be a hard decision to make, as they were both equally qualified and both did excellent work. He finally decided that in the morning whichever one used the water cooler first would have to go.

      Debra came in the next morning, hugely hung-over after partying all night. She went to the cooler to get some water to take a couple of aspirins and the executive approached her and said, "Debra, I've never done this before, but I have to lay you or Jack off."

      Debra replied, "Could you please jack off? I have a terrible headache."

      Now that's funny.....

      Working at Danaher, not so much funny as tragic.


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