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  • ar2743 ar2743 Dec 30, 2005 4:43 PM Flag

    Year 2005 DHR stock price

    DHR has been flat for 2005, despite the favorable purchase recommendations by the investment community (and year after year of increased earnings). Could it be that wide ranging criticisms expressed on this board are having an effect? I find it hard to believe that DHR management cannot be oblivious to this state of affairs and not doing something to address it in some fashion.

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    • It would be nice to think that we could influence the stock price as easily, but I doubt that this board has any direct effect. It could just cause one or two major investors to look a bit more closely, but that's all. IMHO the level of goodwill on the books are catching up with Danaher and the stock price just can't sustain it.

      The only thing Danaher are likely to do is try to track down the bashers on this board so they can fire them. Look at the My Danaher site (if you still work for them) and when you log in you are presented with an "agreement" page on which you have to agree not to divulge the contents of the site (or any of Danaher's other secrets). That started appearing soon after someone posted on this board one of the more vomit-inducing contributions by one of Culp's sycophants. This board has an effect on Culp & Co. even if it doesn't get noticed elsewhere.

    • I seriously doubt that this message board is effecting the stock price.... however, I do believe that those that post the truth here are doing a service to those that are trying to understand DHR.

      Regarding the posters of 5021 and 5022 being the same person, I doubt that they are. 5021 is clearly an HR person trying to do damage control. 5022 is a person that is probably telling the truth since the post is not overly flattering to DHR quality.

      Post 5021 is pretty funny though. I got a good laugh out of it.


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