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  • mpjbell7 mpjbell7 Nov 26, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

    Sold 6k Shares of BRD

    I buy low, sell high.. Do your own due diligence, I've done mine.
    Here's my last few trades:
    11/23 - Sold 6000 share @1.02
    11/16 - Buy 6000 share @.916
    11/9 - Sold 6000 shares @1.02

    Currently holding 600 shares. Looking to add more at around .94
    Gold is looking stronger. I'm betting it will lose steam into the new year setting up for some bargan prices.
    Good luck to all!

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    • Not sure why you picked up to thumbs down so I gave you a thumbs up. A few questions...through which brokerage do you trade and how much do your trades cost you? by my simple public school math, you cleared $624 on your last two trades...not too shabby a return for a 7 day period...congrats! I bought back at .84 but honestly, I don't know when to sell. Just sort of hanging on to my very small stake for no particular reason. Might sell, might hold...truthfully, I do not see what would drive down this stock price.

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      • Thanks for the thumbs up burgresident, I'm all for a friendly community discussion where we can exchange our varied views in a useful manner.

        I use Schwab where my trades cost roughtly $9 (US) a trade. So my cost to buy then sell is $18. There are of course other brokers which may save a couple dollars, but I am much more interested in a broker who executes my trades efficiently and honestly (which is worth far more to me than a couple dollars). So I can say I am very happy with the cost and execution of my trades by Schwab.

        Thanks as well for recognizing the fact that BRD has been very good to me this year (6k+ profits). Though this is not always the case. In 2011 I traded more often than this year and ended the year losing $200+ as BRD lost half it's value.

        As for your trading strategy, only you can decide. My advice is to know your own temperament, pay attention to what you do well, define your strategy on paper, and then execute it well. You have a position at .84, this is good! Now are you good at hitting home runs, or are you better at hitting singles and doubles. Of course to make a living with singles and doubles, you need to trade more often. me2yousee above appears to be going more for the home run. Some people are very patient and successful at more long term strategies than I.

        Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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    • I sure hope you aren't correct as it is the EXACT opposite of my view.

      I see gold moving up to break out status and holding there for news.

      And BRD is going to have much news (hopefully good) that they said would be ready in December.

      My hope is that 1 + 1 = 2 and of coarse, a break out is in the VERY near future.

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      • me2yousee, thank you for your comments and your view on BRD, which I respect.

        As I am a short term trader (mostly in the 5-30 day range), I can forsee a scenario where both our views turn out to be correct (first a pull back, then a break out). Of course I really don't know what will actually happen, and I know that I don't know (unlike many posters here), but my trading strategies depend on volatility to be profitable, and BRD seems to be just that, volatile! It never ceases to amaze me what last week was everyone's darling stock, this week no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole (or vise versa).

        I wish you and others all the best in your investments.

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