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  • solidsandrock44 solidsandrock44 May 22, 2013 3:45 PM Flag

    Owning this stock is slowly draining my lifeline

    To think I invested in this dud and planned on making a small fortune. Of which I have lost a huge fortune now and have signed up to be in line with the jumpers at golden gate bridge. I am way back in line but with precious metals falling so much and fast they put in an express lane for people like me.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Hey solids44,

      well i would say to hang in there, it's a hold, like you say
      it's all relative, you could have lost more with others, like CGR for example
      and life is about more than money

      i think sentiment in this sector is at zero, that's the good news actually
      the stock could drop a few cents, but sentiment for gold juniors is at zero

      you could trade some shares and buy some MEAOF and/or CRCUF, i own both of those
      and they might be bore of a buy here than BRD, just because they are so cheap
      might make sense to play one of those for a trade
      might make things more interesting
      you could have done worse with either of those by the way
      for what that's worth

      timing is really everything for gold juniors
      and management is key, CRCUF has really good management
      MEAOF has a nice mine and they are ramping up productions
      each is priced significantly under ten cents

      anyway, i would say to hang in there
      if following the market every day gets you down,
      then try not to follow so close,
      maybe just check in at the open and the close

      yeah, this downtrend has been brutal to the extreme
      BRD is actually holding up OK relatively speaking
      and the company is a turnaround story, JMHO

      one sign that the whole sector is going to heat up
      is that sentiment for gold miners is ZERO
      while demand for the physical is surging around the world,
      it's more obvious in countries
      where gold isn't traded in US $s

      so hang in there dude
      find a way

      i bought some BRD shares a while back
      around .64 or .65 if memory serves
      hoping it pays off big
      at some point down the road

      gltu, and GLTA

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I don't think it's going to be long before big money notices their PE, and that they are sitting on a ridiculous amount of resources. A 6 cent qtr earnings for a 60 cent stock? .....have some faith! ...that won't last long.

    • Sorry to hear that. What did you buy at?? I thought they be a good takeover target for 2013.

      Sentiment: Buy