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  • williamszxz williamszxz Jun 9, 2013 5:30 PM Flag

    Danger, danger, danger...many gold mines will be shutting down because the

    price of gold is dropping and does not seem to have a bottom...BRD is in for a whipping.

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    • BRD cost of production $700 per oz. production increasing. I think you need to apply your mind befor
      E you post.

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      • From the May 14 conference call

        Kerry Smith - Haywood Securities Inc., Research Division
        And then, okay. And Wade do you have any plans, everybody else is kind of going to this all-in sustaining cash cost reporting. Do you have plans to do that? Or what are your thoughts about that?

        Wade K. Dawe - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
        Yes. We're -- we decided to defer it one quarter. The World Gold Council is coming out with a position paper on this, we understand, sometime around June. So we decided to wait until the next quarter. Hopefully, there will be some standardized reporting on that. And then, we'll follow that guidance. So we decided to defer it another quarter, and hopefully, the industry will adopt it as standard practice.

        That's our -- that's basically our decision this quarter. So for this year, all-in cost, including sustaining development capital is basically between $1,150 and $1,200.

        That includes sustaining and development capital. And again, that number will be quite a lot lower. And it includes exploration, corporate, G&A as well. That number will be significantly lower next year as our development capital decreases. So the number this year, all in, between $1,150 and $1,200.

    • yep, gold could drop more, so could BRD, so anytime you buy a stock that costs less than a buck you should think danger danger, any time you buy any stock you should think danger, but yeah, I like the shares here, for what that's worth

      BRD is a low cost producer, and they are producing more than ever, plus they keep finding more Au, even as the price of gold has gone down, BRD revenues have grown, because production has increased, and BRD doesn't have to sell 12% to SAND, now it's only 8%

      BRD operates in Canada, operations in the US are much more likely to be nationalized, JMO

      guess it could drop some more, but seems like we are putting in a bottom with a lot of these stocks


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong. The big fishes lower the price to buy cheap. They can control the price of gold, better they fix the price of gold, saying "today is X", "tomorrow is Y". Nobody believes in freshly painted green papers which is the USD. Sooner or later it will lose the status of world currency and then..OMG...who has no gold will not survive. The gold price may be depressed when stocks are beating 52 weeks height but this will not last forever.
      You are probably short and you will make some cents per share but be careful the up move will be terrible and may burn you. To close a mine it is necessary to start losing money which is not the case of BRD.