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  • xtraderx xtraderx Jun 20, 2013 6:01 AM Flag

    I don't sell my shares. I will wait for better times. See ya in September.

    This is artificial. Artificial actions havve artificial counter-actions.

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    • I'm a short term trader--- But I can understand people who might hold some BRD longer term. Just make sure you buy your shares with discipline & patient, and make sure it is down at these levels. BRD still dropping, currently in upper .50's, but looks like today & beyond we may see more downside in short term, then buy this BRD (& SVM)

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      • You didn't not understand the message of the rich guys. The very rich guys did a lot of money with this artificially made crisis in 2008. They made money shorting, they made money because they are insiders because they know what is gonna happen tomorrow and after tomorrow because they rule and they make the rules. Bernanke said yesteday that it is possible that QE will not continue trough 2014. It was some kind of signal of the befginning of sell-off but they sold their great majorities of shares allready. It means theat they have tons of freshly printed green papers in profit and part of this will go into gold. But if you were them would you buy the gold at the highest prices. Of course you would buy at the lowest possible. There must be a moment where you have the cash from the profit and the physical gold cheap so that you can buy. Who will believe in the future in the green paper called dollar?
        Some people say that the gold will hit 300 or 400. If you are a Chinese or Indian governor and you have trillions reserves in freshly printed green papers, what would you do: mantain the dollars or buy cheaper gold? But don't think that it will go further down. Ind if if goes down, it will go up after.

      • You can buy now but do your DD.