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  • bosar53 bosar53 Jul 12, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    Cash burn for Q2

    Gross revenue for Q1 exceeded $45m, $43.8m after ssl settlement with only $1.5m added to cash and working capital of roughly $10m.

    Grosas revenue of slightly more than $30m for Q2, roughly $30m after ssl payment with $12m subtracted from cash and negative net working capital at Q1 end. [all else being equal]

    Flow through cash and lowgrade stockpile material make for very dubious "current assets" when projected into working capital so large fundraiser is imperative. gl

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    • Bosar the dubious is back with his breathing taking analysis and still has no clue about how to read a balancesheet. He was fired for cause that being stupidity and his weak attempt at retribution only serves to underscore the stupidity. With current projections they will finish the year we'll above 100K ozs. Last year bozo was railing about management apparently lying about their projections. Since their progress showed further what an idiot bozo is he now goes back to another theme in his never ending quest for revenge. Please ignore this monkey.

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      • You can change internet identities all you want. You still can't walk away from the fact that you have been pumping BRD for years now, you have been consistently wrong, Bosar has been consistently right.

        You can also keep making the charge that Bosar was 'fired for cause'. Anybody who has been around here for any length of time knows you've been making the accusation for years, but you have never offered up any proof.

        'he now goes back to another theme'

        Yet he hasn't changed his Yahoo ID and you have. More than once. Why is that?

    • A few days ago, ZACKS rate BRD "STRONG BUY", which is their # 1 highest rating.
      So, read about it. ZACKS is very honest and fair for their ratings, highly trustworthy. GLTA

      Sentiment: Strong Buy