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  • bindlepete bindlepete Aug 3, 2005 11:06 AM Flag

    Blood in the Water

    In six months the sharks will be busy as hey are now getting warmed up for the take over offers of these sweet little cash generators.

    The elements will be golden parachutes for the managements and a lot of weak stock for the stockholders. Once in power dividends will be forgotton as they accumulate the cash to buy the casino's and development properties for their own schemes.

    Power production will loose reliability as maintenance and personnel are cut and the sense of public service will be replaced with personal enrichment. Hey, the Bushes know this game via Silverado. Remember?

    Ifg you are forced to take their paper sell it on transfer or even before with a put if you can find some idiot to take it.

    Go get 'em fornicator Niel but now the utility world is open.

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    • Pete,
      Looks like you may be on target. The last week has been rough on EDE despite strong market week (minue today) and large power usage in the plains states. (Of course EDE has been trading at a 52 weeks high and a retreat should be expected.)

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      • I just saw Deer Creek Energy sell out to Total Energy for a lot of money. The price was so good that management just abandoned their Long Term Plans which were
        worth far more than the quick bucks the French Oil Company paid.

        They are taking the money and running off to the Islands to party with a plane load of girls so to speak. This could happen here with EDE if the management payoff in consulting fees etc. is good enough. Then forget the dividend, maintenance and public service. Silveradoooooo!

        This is a corrupt administration with no sense of public service. I am ashamed of our hired help.

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