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  • datamatters2003 datamatters2003 Jan 9, 2007 2:16 PM Flag

    good ratios, think ahead to hot weather

    As the new year began, three directors did some (modest) insider buying at EDE. This is a decent sign.

    Maybe they aren't distracted by a warmer than average winter, since the weather that really matters for an electric utility in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc. is summer. El Nino and maybe warming trend in general is likely to give us a warmer than average summer. Doubt it? See today what NOAA predicts.

    Ratios at EDE are even better than this modest insider news. Price/book ratio is 1.53%, compared with the average of VPU's holdings at 1.9% and IDU's holdings at 2.17%. Yahoo Finance's "industry browser" shows electric utility average price/book at 2.15%. Operating margin at EDE is 19.39%, compared with industry average of 16.71%. Price to sales ratio EDE isn't stellar, at 1.74% compared with industry average of 1.17%. But that's ok with the yield so decent for EDE. The yield is a main attraction: EDE's at about 5.28% if you catch it now rather than waiting for it to rise. VPU's at 2.85%, IDU's at 2.52%, and the "industry browser" reports the electric utility industry at 3.25%. All data in this paragraph is per Yahoo Finance.

    What do others think of the electric utility industry? Check out Rabbitt Analytics, which has free industry recommendations. The grade there is 87, quite high on a scale of 0-99 with higher better.

    When those April or May air conditioners start humming, you the three directors will be glad they bought EDE now. IMHO.

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    • The insider buying was not open market and seems to be a quarterly plan. Are there any SEC filings that confirm the directors buying plans?

      A bad ice storm hit EDE this week. Will the costs hurt earnings or do utilities carry insurance for natural disasters?

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