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  • minhpham74 minhpham74 Apr 18, 2008 5:01 PM Flag

    the pig.....


    the pig's moving towards new highs : )

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    • rrb
      dmlp looks like a growth vehicle now.
      they have huge holdings in the balkans.
      im in under25.
      looks like atn in the marcelleus and dmlp in the balkans.
      although i agree with u that atn the vehicle with much more growth.
      looks like unlike bbep,cep,and line which by the way i own and am underwater in all 3 atn and dmlp do not have pipes.
      a big plus in my book.
      another winner which i have owned for several years is bte.
      eventually they will be taken out.
      chan their ceo is great.
      good investing

    • well looks like lil piggly is all tuckered out, huhuhuhuhu.

      I was actually thinking of selling a few shares if it busted above $17 but it did not. Considering how NG is acting I'll move that target up.

      ATN, recent dip was a great opportunity for longs here to pick some up.

      lets all hope for a hot summer.

    • rrb as usual thxs for your response.
      since these monies are in tax deferred account will buy more traditional areas since no right offs allowed to off set cap. gains.
      i have owned both cqp and tto in the past both interesting but not appropriate for this account.
      cep i own at 19.00 and have quite a bit.
      i agree that they will pay for torch however hopefully they will start raising divie and stock can go forward.
      i will add to my non leveraged closed end bond fund pim as well as add to igr another closed end realty fund in foreign realty both monthly divie pays.
      igr leveraged but hopefully adding at cheap price.
      will buy some more mwe my largest holding by far.
      thinking of adding vnr also but being small not to liquid and i do hold a large position all ready.
      last but not least may start position in line.
      would prefer under 20.00 but me thinks its finally getting its act together.
      ill choose between dmlp or line or may buy both.
      like them both lower but dont see oil breaking much under 100 here and therefore love nat gas.
      like u ive been growing unbelievable last month and i am in the black very nicely for this year.
      oil and gas my largest holdings.
      this time may not pull the trigger on sells if there is a sharp break down since i truly feel these oil and gas prices are sustainable.
      once again thxs for helping me to make up my mind on vnr.
      good investing dreiser139

    • Take a look at RVEP (small and risky as a yield/growth play). Also take a look at CQP (a risky yield play). Bot hare probably too speculative. Also look at TTO. I like it because they dabble in private MLPs and GPs, something we can't invest in directly. CEP remains an interesting play, although I prefer it yielding 13% due to the Torch Royalty lawsuit that could cost them some money. I will probably pick up some CQP at under $10 as a speculative play.

    • Rrb
      i agree but im loaded with those was looking for a more staid investment with smaller growth but yield
      in other words perfect for a tax deferred account.
      i sold epb today booked a gain in the tax deferred account.
      mwe and vnr my 2largest positions with atn a close third.
      was going to add some realty via a closed end fund some bonds thru a closed end fund add to mwe and vnr then start a new position in dmlp.
      they have great not a fan of evep and like line but prefer loading up on vnr.
      so that leaves a new position being started.
      thats where dmlp entered the picture i had on my radar for a while.
      as always thxs for your input and yes it is a yield play,
      ill revisit line.line may be the better choice.
      good investing

    • DMLP is interesting because they hold mostly royalties which require little to no capital. They also shun leverage to avoid generating UBTI. The CEO is sharp. They are not a growth vehicle, so I view it as a kind of bond. I still prefer the active E&P MLPs because they can grow the distribution much faster.

    • rrb thxs
      if it hits 20. vnr will be lower also and a better buy

    • I owned it back when it was DHULZ. It is pricey but a good one if it falls back to $20

    • equity boy and rrb
      have either of u looked at dmlp.
      pricey but great assets in all the right places.
      any comments.
      its been around for years and i have been in and out.
      if it drops i may bite again.

    • There were two things that really stood out to me in the RVEP presentation. The first was the absolutely wretched terms on RVEP's credit facility with TCW. Second I didn't like how RVEP is presenting its reserve life based on proven and probable reserves instead of just proven reserves... seems dishonest.

      I hate to post negative thoughts on RVEP's board b/c I wouldn't want to drive away interest in such a tiny risky company.

      If RVEP can come close to its 2009 EBITDA guidance then it will be in great shape. And even if RVEP's 2009 guidance is crap I don't see why RVEP can't issue equity to both pay down its TCW credit facility (which would be accretive) and use equity to finance more highly accretive acquisitions.

      If management at RVEP/POCC is even of average quality I think the future could be very profitable. With such a low cost of capital it shouldn't be difficult to make many very accretive acquisitions. I don't have a lot of confidence in management but I doubt they will be dumb enough to screw this up.

      POCC is almost back down to what I paid for it. I'm practically married to it with volume as low as it is. Volume was good last Fri though which hopefully will mark a bottom.

      I'd be interested to hear any further thoughts you have on POCC/RVEP.

      Regarding ATN, I see ATN's partnership drilling programs as giving ATLS/ATN a huge advantage over a traditionally funded E&P company. I'm sure they can tweak the partnership drilling programs to make them appropriate for the Marcellus. Although, they may need to increase the size of the program or increase ATN's investment in the program to account for the hit-or-miss nature of the play. It doesn't get much better than drilling with other people's money and then taking a cut of the profits.

      I have been looking at some of the Bakken plays recently. I almost bought some BEXP at $6 but didn't... oops. HPGP may be the best low risk way to play the Bakken but HPGP seems to always be too richly priced for me to justify a purchase. I'd be interested to hear any of your ideas on other E&P plays.

      Speaking of investment partnerships I would suggest you take a look at REXI. I know much more about MLPs than financial stocks but REXI appears to me to be a financial stock worth owning. REXI makes a similar use of investment partnerships in real estate management and small ticket commercial leasing. REXI generated a huge amount of FCF last quarter. Most importantly, small ticket commercial leasing is historically a very stable business and REXI is structured so that none of the liabilities of any of its subsidiaries flow back to the parent company in the event of a blowup. Where the financials or REXI will bottom is anybody's guess though. I keep adding as it goes down. I'm sure you know about REXI's history with ATLS.

      Good luck.

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