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  • al.kaley al.kaley Jun 12, 2012 11:46 PM Flag

    2010 - Won the Peoples Choice Award
    for most innovative connected device.
    2011 - Exhibited in 100 most important inventions of mankind -
    Technology museum in Sweden
    2012 - Listed in Entrepreneur Magazine -100 Brilliant Companies
    2012 - ABI Research identifies
    GTX Corp paving the way into the next billion dollar market
    - "Personal Tracking "

    2013 - Bankruptcy!!!!

    What? No it can't be. They had all those patents. The product had so much potential.

    The road to bankruptcy is littered with patents and potential. What about all that spam on Yahoo message board? She was helping sell the shoes, right? Hardly! More like help sell shares to fund a $six-figure lifestyle for someone who isn't worth $six figures. See title above.

    2009 10K: Just under 40,000,000 shares outstanding, little revenue and no earnings.

    2012 10K: Just under 80,000,000 shares outstanding, little revenue and no earnings.

    Have you doubled your holdings just to keep up with the dilution? Don't buy more now. Trust me, it doesn't make you feel better.

    But look at the potential! No, look at the stock price. Growth and earnings drive the stock price, not patents or potential or puffy press releases like "One Quarter of the World's Population. Geesh! I'll repeat from a much earlier post: Most of that One Quarter of the World's Population doesn't know the difference between GPS and PMS.

    I'm still waiting on the children's' shoe or to find out who that international sim dealer is we heard about at the beginning of the year. More fluff I guess? But hey, let's have miss spammer tell us in another dozen ways that there is a GPS shoe available now. Anybody read her stuff anymore? Starting to read like Charlie Brown's mother sounds.

    Watch the outstanding shares increase rapidly until so-called management thinks reverse splitting the shares is a good idea so they can start the process all over again. Maybe they'll hire two companies to continuously spam this board. That will help.

    Be wary of executives who sell your shares to hire people to spam message boards. It's akin to those mailers you receive in your, well uh, mail, and I know you receive them; I do too. How many GPS shoes do you think she is selling? My guess is ZERO. Since the stock touched $.12, bertagna has made over $25,000. How much have you made? We're headed to a penny or lower, because with this performance, the stock is way overvalued at $.04.

    Vote your shares and vote this guy out.

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