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  • homerun700 homerun700 Jun 6, 2007 4:59 PM Flag

    next multibagger-do your dd-129% rev growth-P/E under 9-1/7 cash value


    China Education Alliance [OTCBB:CEDA]

    P/E 23 x 6.6 cent earnings per share = 1.52 Dollar

    $$$ 4.6 million dollars or 8 cent per share cash on bank $$$
    (include the 2.4 million financing with Barron Partner LP and two other investors)

    In connection with the financing these three investors secured themselves 6 million warrants at $0.69 and 3 million in each case at $0.80 and $1.00.

    No long-term debt !!

    129% revenue growth and 48% earnings growth yoy

    2007 earnings forecast of 7-8 cent per share. (based on past growth)

    Only 58 million shares outstanding


    Last quarter revenue came in at $3.08 million up from $2.53 million and $2.29 million the quarters prior to this. Compared to last year revenue increased over 129 percent.


    In the most recent quarter ending March 31, 2007, CEDA made $0.022/share. YTD net profit is $0.066/share.


    Business Model

    China Education Alliance is an education business group aiming at creating a nationwide league of elite teachers, providing high-quality education resources, and developing educational products and services. As the provider and operator of quality education resources in China, the Company has created a nationwide interactive education resources platform China Educational Alliance promotes the development and accessibility of China's education platforms by integrating the education resources, and by duplicating its operation model to other provinces of China, and conducting training education and founding new schools.

    CEDA's Five Profit Modules

    1. Online Interactive Services

    - VOD lectures
    - Interactive learning
    - Teaching evaluation
    - Online employment service "Talent Crossroads"
    - Interactive games "Wealth Island"

    2. On-Campus Education

    - Basic education
    - Language training courses
    - Vocational training courses
    - Certification courses

    3. Resources Download

    - Seven education channels targeting different education needs
    - Study-card membership system

    4. Network Advertisements

    5. Value-Added Services


    Corporate Office

    58, Hengshan Road
    Nangang District, Harbin 150090, People's Republic of China
    Tel: (01186) 451 82289115

    Investor Relations

    Big Apple Consulting USA, Inc.
    for China Education Alliance
    407-884-0444 or 1-866-THE-APPLE


    Comparison of Three Months Ended March 31, 2007 and March 31, 2006

    Revenues increased by $1,738,824 or 129% in 2007 to $3,086,227 as compared to $1,347,403 in 2006, resulting in gross profit of $2,199,916 for 2007 as compared to gross profit of $853,652 in 2006. This was mainly attributable to the income generated from the training center, new programs, and advertising income. During 2006 and 2007, the Company has added several new programs for vocational studies and certification programs, which provides new source of income. Advertising income was increased as the result of the increased awareness of the Company\'s website, which resulted in more viewers coming to the Company\'s website, which enables the Company to increase its advertising income.

    Cost of sales increased by $392,560 to $886,311 in 2007 as compared to $493,751 in 2006. Cost of sales as a percentage of sales decreased by 8% to 29% for 2007 as compared to 37% for 2006.

    Gross profit margin increased by 8% for 2007 as compared to 2006.

    SEC Filing

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