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  • sierrawinkwink sierrawinkwink Feb 9, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    then I still laugh

    What on your 20th post you finally figured out data cards equal hotspots? If you are holding your breath for NVTLs MiFi to take hold in China I still laugh. Nothing you post provides any and I mean any reason to think NVTL is working or is going to be working with China Mobile. Also, the part of the article you failed to post in its entirety goes on to talk about who will benefit. NVTL is not listed. Marvell is listed and QCOM is listed. NVTL doesn't build out companies LTE networks. They make connectivity devices that depend on licensing Qualcom chipsets. Qcom is the one who builds out be companies networks. MRVL is also heavily involved in TD-SCMA in China but QCOM has been eating their lunch lately. This a stock message board. It is seen by a small audience and virtually has no effect on investors. Your claim that I try to hide good news etc is laughable. What good news? Your speculation?

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    • Can you both just stop with the name callingÉ How about just agreeing that right now its just speculation about China Mobile and NVTL. You seem to already agree on that, the rest is really irrevelant.

    • The original assessment of you still stands. Someone lacking any power in his real life. A non expert on stock trading. A non expert on novatel. A non expert on anything novatel sells. It still is the same you criticize someone else post and then attempt to make stupid ridiculouse accusations that i do not know what a data card is. I do and so what if i did not. How the hel# would care if you know something more than somebodey posting anyway. You are a classis text book example of someone who lacks power and has for a very long time. Posting negatively on posts that appear to have information you did not know gives you a sense that you are a hero to the readers for discovering that you saved them from incorrect facts. Everyone thank seirra wink #$%$ for saving you from my information. Do it soon, if he does not recieve praise he may go out in the real world and cau se something bad in real life. He needs some power and needs for you guys to treat him as a hero for patroling the message boards finding people who do not know what a data card is even though they were involved in the pre-testing of the cards. Interesting guy this sierra wink #$%$er. Tell him he is great for pointing out the novatel has nothing in the works overseas and he really shined in the post about data cards. That will make him feel powerfull.

    • I guess you throwing out meaningless inaccurate statements may impress yourself you do not impress me because you do not have a clue and every single thing you say is wrong. NSN (a division of Nokia) is building out the network for them. I made money by buying Nokia before the announcement. That is old news (you missed it). Qualcomm and Novatel have a working relationship for modems. You apparently missed that. You were the one that did not know what a data card is and now you are trying to spin your statement that they were only used years ago and Novatel no longer makes them. That is what you said. It is the article and China Mobile using the term data cards. They are also using a trademark name of MIFI in their descriptions. That is Novatels trademark except in Untied Kingdome. The fact is you are too full of yourself too admit that it has a lot of common connections with Novatel. So does Windows/Nokia Phones. You cannot admit it because you are a wanna be stock guy, room monitor or just big A@@ Hol@. If you say Novatel has nothing to do with Qualcomm and Novatel has nothing to do with MIFI Hot spots enough said. You are completely clueless and you are so clueless I will not even respond to you as all you are trying to do is dance around things you do not know. You are not fooling anyone except some poor old guy that does not know anything about any of this. You are one of these guys that try's to look at the website and get information to post real quick and then you look bad really bad to anyone who knows the business. JUST REMEMBER THIS IDIOT JUST SAID QUALCOMM IS LISTED BUT THAT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH NOVATEL. Type this into a search engine:

      Article the a hol@ cannot understand. GO TO HEL@ U DUMB SOB. GET OF THE BOARD U DUMB AS#.

      China Mobile Ltd. (CHL), ranking as the largest mobile carrier in the world with over 722 million subscribers, had spent two years laying the groundwork for implementing TD-LTE, a 4G mobile phone standard developed by China Mobile for nationwide use. On January 23, 2013, China Mobile had revealed the company's 2013 TD-LTE terminal development strategy. "We plan to adopt multi-mode, multi-band terminals, with basic terminals supporting 5 modes and 10 spectrum bands, and ideally supporting 5 modes and 12 bands. By 2014, we will require that terminals support Band 41," explained Wang Hengjiang, director of the products division of China Mobile Terminal. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, MIIT, had recently allocated Band 41 (2500MHz - 2690MHz) for TD-LTE usage.

      Schedule for TD-LTE Products and Handsets

      For TD-LTE products, China Mobile will develop its customer-premises equipment and data card offering through a focus on Mi-Fi mobile hotspots. China Mobile will begin "friendly user" trials of LTE Mi-Fi and other related products in the first half of 2013. Mi-Fi trial products will be distributed in Q1 2013, and the service is expected to mature enough in Q2 2013 to begin commercial trial preparations. For TD-LTE mobile handset products, China Mobile will launch "friendly user" LTE handset trials in the second half of 2013. TD-LTE handsets will be distributed in Q3 2013, and a commercial trial will be prepared in Q4 2013.

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      • every single thing I say is wrong? Oh please. I asked you what a data card was and here is your reply
        .) "You can go to dogpiledotcom and type in China Mobile + Novatel Wireless data cards or Sierra Wireless data cards. Enter the + sign in between terms and you may have to go through a lot of searches. They even listed the price for both in Chinese. I think They are currently using Sierra and the Novatel's were used in the past.

        It is different there, the phone service shops know how to make any equipment activate if the frequencies are the same. A lot of the equipment is bought in a different country but is brought into China and they can get it to work.

        I am definitely not making this up. It takes a lot of research but you will find it. If I find all the links I will send them. Start with China Mobile + Wireless Data card expansion."

        Not one mention of a MiFi or hotspot. You are just a liar and FOS. I don't know about the relationship between Qcom and NVTL? You act as if NVTL has an exclusive license for QComs stuff. You are dead wrong. QCOM licenses their 4GLTE chips to anyone willing to pay them- Sierra, Huawei, ZTE, Franklin, Samsung, LG. Go look at NVTLs earnings- they make well over 90% of their money in the US. They have never gained a foothold in Europe or Asia. First you claim I posted inaccurate information about Karsh- you lied about that. Now you claim that you knew data cards were MiFi all along. Everything you say is BS and all garbled up. You mix up handsets, Mifis, and data cards. You have no clear picture of what NVTL does and frankly what they do is not complicated, but in your hands it comes out as an incoherent mess. Let me repeat that an incoherent mess. Take your huge fragile ego and take a hike

      • Novatel has trademarked MIFI and its variations (OS Home, etc.) in many countries but it appears not in China which -as I read- it is known as Huawei. Could sometimes and wrongly the term be used generically to describe products of similar functionality? There is the chance they are referring to Novatel's MIFI in the article. However, the journalist may also be confused and paint with the same broad brush other similar products. In the end, this vagueness could be an opportunity to buy the stock in the cheap, just in case stocktothemoon is correct. It's a gamble for now.