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  • user988200 user988200 May 9, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    This appears to be the issue

    with Both Novatel and Sierra...their cost of sales from balance sheet appears to be 75-80% with R&D piled on after...looking at Apple MSFT and IBM its 50% or lower. I ahve thought for years that both companies are probably paying component licensing fees or simply just too high component prices to ever make money. There really is nor proprietary tech that they can make the big recovery on. As mentioned if they were to win the suit they would be positioned that other strong companies that 'OWN" the tech and are not just assemblers. Granted they have alot of patents..actually a tremendous amount for a company that trades at this market cap and another thing is the team has stuck together for years. After more than a decade the relentless banter of first to market and postioned well means nothing to most..actaully sometimes I expect on an analyst call no one to be on it after years of the same. The MIFI is a great product and they OWN the brand...its time to make money and build shareholder equity and if thats impossible for them they should sell..with out administrative and operating costs it appears that they can gnerate 70m in profit..which another company with synergy would probably pay 500 million or more for and that would return about 12-15 per share to everyone....just an opinion check all figures for accuracy