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  • friedelhein friedelhein Dec 16, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    The share float is over 80 %. We have the vote.

    We can change the management. We need one large shareholder to help us. The management spent over 250 Mill USD in R&D, but the revenue are falling. The CEO, Peter Leparulo, promised 3 month ago, we are at the center of growth market, but the future revenue outlook is poorly. Also Peter Leparulo lied after the acquisition of Enfora.

    “This acquisition creates a market leader in wireless data selling into all end markets:
    enterprise, consumer and vertical markets,” said Peter Leparulo, Chairman and CEO of
    Novatel Wireless".

    In the last quarter the M2M segment generated 8 Mill USD revenue. Peter Leparulo crushed Enforas revenue by half.

    I can tell you also, that the management earns to much and the stock option payout for the last five years is a joke.

    The investor relations office is not answering mails. We are the owner and i would like to receive answers of my questions.

    The management lost a law suit and the company shall pay for the insider criminals.

    "Under the terms of the proposed settlement in the MOU, the Company would pay $6 million in cash, issue shares of the Company’s common stock with a value of $5 million and issue a $5 million secured promissory note to resolve all claims asserted in the Litigation on behalf of class members".

    The management prey our company for management crimes.

    The insider must pay or am I wrong??? Why is not the company sue the insider? They are criminals. All insider must go freely, when they are still working for NVTL.

    I remember you, the shareholders own the company. The float is over 80 %.

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    • Just an PR announcement of an activist investor taking charge or the company feeling it is undervalued and looking at a sale option would bring a huge return. The stock is way undervalued but has been for a while due to current executive and board decisions. I think they feel more pressure this year due to many other companies (that were in the same boat) taking off. I do not think the exceptional market comeback will allow management to do the same old thing. Change is going to happen soon. The Yahoo stock message board is not where to make it happen. You need to be a person of power and talk to individuals with serious money (Activist Investor Firm) or a lawyer (If you have money to blow yourself to get a quicker return). Though I was in the industry prior to taking a new position I just don't have the ties or I would do this myself.

    • We need a management switch. The CEO and Head of the Board must go. Here our major holders:

      Renaissance Technologies, LLC
      Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
      BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.

      Is here someone with time to call the Funds and suggest a change??? After that with a young innovative new leader our share price goes through the roof.

    • Peter Leparulo is a criminal insider. He must go and pay the bill for the lost law suit.

    • As a friendly reminder to all shareholder!

    • Why would an investor acquire a large stake here? Do they have products that sell? Do they have long term relationships and contracts with large clients? Do they have really capable mid management? This has been a vehicle transfer of wealth from investor to the c-suit. What is valuable underneath?

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      • Here are some large shareholder invested. 250 Mill USD in R&D invested, circa 350 Mill USD turnover 2013, patents and applications, MIFI brand unfortunately not marketed in Asia, South America, Africa, M2M revenue over 30 Mill USD in 2013, M2M products MT3060 and SA2100 great products, etc..

        But the management has not the ability to create a fast growing company. We need some young innovative visionary persons.

        Why is not the company sue the insider? They are criminals. All insider must go freely, when they are still working for NVTL. = AGREE

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