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  • nomowk nomowk Jan 23, 2002 2:05 PM Flag


    I know you who are long, do not wish to hear this, but here in Missouri we are at 69 degrees, and bright cloudless sky. Not the best for NG consumption, but nice on these old arthritic bones.
    Take care.

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    • 1/23/02


      We've posted to each other in the past, comparing your country life with my city life.
      I went under the name of cber1 then.

      Glad for the warmth in MO, although not for the
      paltry performance of my nat. gas. royalty trusts.

      Just got back from New York. Pretty cold there, but, I was told, not by their standards.
      Made a pilgrimage to Ground Zero. As we used to say, "Heavy duty!" What moved me most were the thousands of impromptu memorials left by people at the site.

      Take it from one whose traveled to about 45 countries, Europe, Asia and Africa: With all it numerous flaws there's nothing better than the good our USA, and for us urban types, there's nothing better than NYC. I miss it so!

      Yours truly,


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      • Good morning vitiqua
        I do remember you. Interesting report from NYC. I used to travel on business to LI flying into Kennedy but have not been down town in 30 or so years (before WTC). I really don't care for big cities.
        I spoke too soon on the weather. Within a few hours of my post, the clouds rolled in and dropped some rain, and now the temp is about 30 degrees. Oh well, it was nice while it lassted.
        Take care, and have a nice city day.

    • Snowed here in South Dakota, high today of almost 20, low near zero.

      Quite balmy for this time of the year!!

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