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  • nomowk nomowk Jan 25, 2002 9:37 AM Flag

    I am glad you brought that up NHY.
    So I have been the one to place the "buy" or "strong buy" on SJT. OK, lets look at some facts.
    I sold SJT on 5/11/01 and HGT on 5/31/01.
    Your original message begging for assistance is SJT message #1006 dated 5/11/01 and HGT message #1229 dated 5/10/01. Since you were getting in, as I was exiting, that alone should prove how ignorant I was not to have followed the advise of such a superior intellect. I should respect my superiors more. Remind me to bow and beg forgiveness later.
    Now for my "buy" position. I would suggest the reading of the following SJT messages by me that again proved your charge of my being stupid.
    #1115,1161,1278,1288,1291,1351,1404,1441,1501,1527,1528, and 1563
    If these messages don't satisfy you of my sneaking intent to pump up SJT I will be glad to do a little more research on this and other boards.
    Please do have a nice day, and I will say a prayer to your intellect as soon as I finish this message.

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