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  • jonhoenig jonhoenig Nov 3, 2002 11:15 PM Flag

    Great run as of late

    The eternal question....

    take the money and run? or hold out for more upside.

    I wish I knew for sure. But it is getting cold as heck here in Chicago and in real $ terms, energy commodities are cheap.

    Best of luck to all...

    Jonathan Hoenig

    (LONG SJT)

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    • Here's to bitterly cold weather! :) I just bought in today, so I know I'm coming in at a "risky" point, after a good run. I've got a reasonably tight stop order in. I'd be happy if we can stay where we are and I can get that 10 percent dividend.

    • IMHO, SJT is going higher, especially if the USA attacks Iraq. With the excellent dividend, when the general market declines more - and it will -, SJT will look even better. Then there is the possibility of a colder winter, terrorism, etc. IMHO, SJT is a keeper. LOL

    • hey jon,

      good rec on SJT. hang in. we are going higher.
      the div makes it that much nicer.

      was that bear suit scratchy? -g-

    • Good morning jonhoenig
      It is a basic rule of economic that all commodity prices come down with time. That is part of the definition of "commodity".
      My feeling right now, is the run up in unit price is quite normal as we move into the heating season. The question is "can we hold or increase unit price"? That depends on supply and use rate. We have a record storage level to work with, and the winter is too young to let us know what to expect. If the winter is normal to warmer than normal, the price of NG and as a result the unit price will come down. If it is colder than normal, the price will hold to go higher. Watch storage level closely over the next six weeks. If we start to draw down and the rate excellerates more than normal, we could have a reasonably good return.
      Take care.

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