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  • X_unicorn X_unicorn Mar 6, 2003 12:39 PM Flag

    someone wants in on this thing.

    tonight, something is going on here. Average day volume already passed.

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    • X unicorn, not to be too cynical but what's going on here may be the PUMP side of the pump and dump played by certain so-called journalists at FOX News. They pumped this stock on their Saturday morning financial shows, probably after having bought a ton of it. Now on Monday when all the sheep rush in to run the price up, they will be getting their carving knives out to short it after the up spike. I have a rule: If I see some so-called expert on a financial show touting a stock, I won't buy it. It's a game -- and most of us can't play.

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      • The guy on Fox who has talked about SJT is Jon Hoenig. He actually talked about SJT first last fall, I believe in Oct as that is when I first bought it. His recommendation caused me to look into the sector in general and I liked what I saw. I stayed away from Kinder Morgan but bought some SJT. I bought more of HGT which has outperformed SJT by over 50% since last fall.

        Hoenig is one of the few analysts on TV who is worth a damn. He recommended gold stocks back in the fall of 2001 and he has been heavy into bonds well before their screaming run.

        Hoenig tends to stay with winning sectors and is a trend player. His terms for NG and the trusts was "white hot", althought I believe he indicated he wasnt adding at these levels but would do so upon any dip. He works for Capitalist and Ill listen to the pig before I would listen to 99% of the wonks out there. I checked the Cap. Pig site and I believe you need about 500K to get invested. As of last fall the fund was returning 75% but it is a new fund.

        Based on market supply and demand fundamentals this is a pure hold IMO. Ive had both SJT and HGT in my port since early fall and they are two of the best performers in this trading environment. With the yields staying strong, I personally see no reason to sell at this time.

        Just my two cents.

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