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  • baxter1492 Jun 9, 2008 2:13 PM Flag


    could hurt crude prices. I did a search on HYDROGEN POWERED CARS. They have kits available that will convert your car to use hydrogen from water in addition to a bit of gasoline. My son claims that this will cause a crash in crude oil prices.
    Does anyone have have any information on this? Calida

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    • They also sell magic beans and snake oil.

    • Fat Chance. Theres one problem people fail to see. Where is all this Magic Hydrogen going to come from?

      Oh we'll just get it from water you say. Unfortunately it takes far more energy to crack water into Hydrogen and oxygen, then you'll ever get out of it.

      Until we find a magic source of Hydrogen, I don't see it ever replacing Oil.

    • Uh, keep doing research there Professor.

      Hydrogen is a ZERO!! and I mean ZERO!! It will never be used for anything, ever. A few auto companies are throwing a couple cars out there because they realize that's what politicians and the public want to see. It's just a way to make the public think they are warm and fuzzy. It's really a crude and disgusting fraud.

      In order to produce 1 BTU of liquid hydrogen, you must input 8 BTUs of energy from other sources. Then, hydrogen can't be stored. Other than that, hydrogen is wonderful. To put it another way, a hydrogen car would get the cost equivalent of about 2 miles per gallon, based on current cost of gasoline.

      Hydrogen is the single worst idea out there, but the average dummy (not calling you that) doesn't know it because all they see is a commercial on tv that says "only water vapor comes out the tailpipe". Truly sad.

      In reality, the future is: Coal (no way around it), Nat Gas (larger and larger piece of the puzzle), Nuclear (the real solution, long-term), hydro (no growth, but will always be there), solar and wind (never more than 10% of the total, but a huge % move). All cars will run on batteries in the future. The power will be supplied via the list from above.

      You now can see the future. Use it.

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      • Whipsaw. Good post. another aspect no much heard about is the "Thorium Nuclear cycle" where the spent fuel has no terrorist possibilites as its almost benign.

      • Whipsaw: Thanks for a good analysis! One part you left out was tar sands future like COSWF (Canadian). COSWF is now producing high grade gasoline from tar sands. This tells us that when crude oil reaches a certain price, the companies involved in Refining gasoline from tar sands will crank up their production. COSWF now pays a good dividend.
        Also, Governor BlackNegro from California has been trying to get federal help in building a long series of filling stations along a busy Calif. freeway. This, he hopes will start the use of hydrogen fuel. Maybe his research staff are a bunch of dummies.

    • I can sell you a kit that will convert your car to use only air!!

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