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  • nomowk nomowk Jan 18, 2001 12:31 PM Flag

    Is SJT a wasting asset like BPT or

    At some point in the life of any field the production levels will begin to fall, regardless of applications of all the technical aids to improve them. This is a fact of life with the exception as you noted when pressure is applied via water. Coal gas is also finite and as you point out, the actual amount and extraction methods were not totally appreciated in the past.
    You make a very good presentation of technical facts and I appreciate your additional input. I think all of this is retorical but quite interesting. I also have read too many posts from those who do not understand the nature of royalty trusts and how they work in theory.
    Any field will have some ups and downs in production, but they are minor perturbations to a curve that will rise quickly with a longer falling tail to zero. This is the nature of the beast.
    Good luck to you, and keep up the thoughtful input.

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