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  • arbbb_2000 arbbb_2000 Feb 17, 2001 3:19 PM Flag

    now ---go and do your dd on

    the following----and make some $$$$---dnr --pque---grka---chk---kwk---epex---nr------all undervalued----gas---with earnings mosyly this wk

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    • No offense taken, nomowk. I am a bit cynical, and truly believe 'buyer beware'.. Best wishes.

    • valu player, I apologize if it appeared I was calling you or anyone else on this board a name that you find offensive. I try to avoild calling any one names. analysts push stocks for their employers it is true. This is legal according to the SEC as their postition is self evident that they have a vested interest. Pumping and dumping has been declared illigal by the SEC for just the opposite reason, that the pumper is working at not acknowledging his personal interest in the stocks that he touts. As you may recall the guy who started "The street" lost his position on CNBC as a result of SEC action. Then the young man in New Jersey was ordered to return $250K in profit for doing his pumping and dumping on web boards just like this. I have no problem with anyone suggesting to board friends that he likes a certain stock, especially when is a related stock to the board. It just makes good sense to me, and I think should to all, to make a statement as to your interest in the stock. Most people do this as routine. I have found several good buys as a result of suggestions on a board. As a matter of fact I bought this issue after I had rejected it on first look at the data and it was suggested to me to make a closer look. I did, and after going over the origianal perspectus and 10K and the previous 4 10Q's I bought in at around $10. So you can see, it has been profitable to do a little deeper DD on the suggestion of a board. I always buy (now) with the thought to hold for at least a year or more. I am not a short term trader as I have been burned more than once on that. I have a lot of other things that occupy my time so I better leave that to those who will put the effort into it.
      Stay healthy and profitable.

    • As I said in one of my posts here as well as others, I admire anyone who puts in the labor to make a go at day trading. I have only one complaint to the way you opperate, and that is you refuse to acknowledge that you are a day trader in your posts, and you just may have an interest in seeing a temporary jump in the stock you are touting. some of the thinly traded issues you tout can be influanced by just a thousand or two of volume. Please be honest and attach a caveat to your posts and I will leave you to your affairs. I do not disrespect you or your talents at picking the stocks, only the way you appear to opperate.

      Good health and fortune to you.

    • Thanks for the post. I am sure EPN is an interesting play for some of you folks but for me, I am pretty well fully invested for the year. My cash now is at about the low level I like to keep. Unless something happens to cause me to sell one of my holdings I will be reluctant to go "cash poor" during the year. I recently made some adjustments which I usually do at the beginning of the year. Droped a couple of Reits that were a question mark in my mind and added a couple that I liked better. Also dropped high yield bond funds (CE) as they went positive to NAV. Put a little more in mortgage backed stuff. Laying low and drawing my income requirement without suffering too much in capital is my goal as usual.
      Have a nice day and stay healthy.

    • I've got to cut back on my royalty trusts. I've been denied credits because I've gone over the AMT.. Trouble is, my cost basis is so low I'll take a huge capital gains hit when I sell.I never expected to make a lot of money on these trusts. I just wanted the tax credits. Had I known they'd go up this much, I'd have sheltered them in my IRA. In my taxable accounts I try to trade as little as possible. But even without the credits counting, I sure like the increased distributions. Still plan to wait to see if Cheney extends the credits. If so the price should hold up nicely. We've got less than two years left on Sect. 29 as of now.

    • Are you planning on coming on to this board and playing your pump and dump schemes? For anyone interested, Mr. arbbb is a day trader who visits various boards pumping a stock that he is trading. If he gets enough idiots to buy that could raise the price a quarter and he dumps. He recently tried this on the HGT board. Look up his recent record on yahoo and you will get the picture.
      Take his advise if you want, but know what he is, as he will never admit it.
      Have a good day arbbb.

    • Now, those are the kind of posts I like....ones that stimulate interest in possible gems. I'll take a look. Thank you arbbb 2000.

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