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  • nomowk nomowk Apr 17, 2001 6:01 AM Flag

    Isn't it worrisome that this

    SJT and all other trusts are not company's. They are trusts, just like the name imply's. None have "book value". They own nothing but the rights to share in the profits of the interest conveyed to them. There are some that have definate life spans, and may or may not be underwritten by a zero-coupon bond which some including Yahoo write as "book value". All trust units are basically worthless at the end of their life because of the fact that they own no tangable assets. If you like "book value" including the "good will", tax credits and inventory figures that inflate these numbers, then go to insurance company's, as most of them show very high book value numbers. I suggest you do a little more reading on "royalty trusts" in general so that you understand the type of vehicle in which you are investing. I do not know if WTU is underwritten with a zero-coupon, but if they are showing "book value" then I would expect they are and the number given is the current value of the bond. Get their 10K and it should list this info. They should also tell you the life of the trust and when it will terminate. That should give you the information to estimate the money value of their units and if the current price will support the income flow plus the bond maturation value. good luck.

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