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  • nomowk nomowk Jun 13, 2001 6:42 PM Flag


    Hi Coloradocoal
    Thanks for the input. I got out (and I just went back and checked it) at $17.48. I figure 14 is a slam dunk but I am not sure how low we will go after that. If as you say, the distributions go to single digits, then the price will go to single digits IMO. Do you think replenishing the storage level's for next winter will keep the price up? What about the effect of more electric usage increasing demand. At $2.61 they would be better off capping the wells.
    I took the name "nomowk" the day I retired and have not changed it. I better do it as I have not worked as hard as I have been since I was a young punk. Unfortunatly, the last 25 years of my working life, I almost never got out from behind a desk. That is an affront to the human body. Now I go outside almost every day and clear brush, work in the garden, do outside work on the house and grounds,(3acres cleared) and many other tasks. My wife keeps telling me how she is going to enjoy my insurance. Then I come in and worry and sweat over this stuff. Maybe I will change my name.
    Have a nice one.

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    • Yes, at this level it is a slam dunk but we are early in the shoulder months and if we are content with a 12 or so % yield, it ain't so bad. I find it hard to improve on that kind of yield. The tech market isn't going anywhere for a while. I have thought about buying QQQ but I waited too long and the NASDAQ is now appropriately valued. I think a potential buyer of SJT like me has some time to watch its current performance and acquire a thousand sh at a time on the lows. For now I am trading and long in GW. It cycles between 5.9 or so and 7 time after time. However, drilling demand is going SLIGHTLY soft right now as inventory rises FAST due to big injections. And it's 22 weeks to the heating season, so I am not too confident that 5.9 to 7 range will maintain - a new lower one may obtain. My 2000 sh bought to trade may languish for a while, we'll see.

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