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  • alexorjona alexorjona Dec 9, 1999 3:05 PM Flag


    These frequent price updrafts, breaking of the
    downtremd, higher trading patterns, all on big volume sure
    make for a decent looking chart. The stock of course
    is very cheap... but has one heck of alot of
    company. The trading pattrn sure looks like one to buy
    more into. Any ideas as to what might be coming to
    really get us going...besides y/end 99?

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    • Climb out of the old sturdy oak and climb out
      there on the limb of one of those spindly, fast growing
      willows. It won't be able to hold the whole crowd for
      long, so be sure to time your jump before it splinters.
      Many in the mob that are passing up super cheap brick
      houses to buy vastly overpriced high-tech escavations
      are ultimately going to pay a costly price.

    • This stock is worse than a cheap bargain - now
      down to 6+ times this years earnings. What gives? This
      company remains highly profitable and holds great long
      term prospects. Why would anyone sell at this price? I
      guess they're just sick of holding an undervalued stock
      in a paranoid market. Today's buyers will eventually
      make a bundle here, so good riddance to the sellers.
      Go join the crowd - sell Wabtec and buy something
      that's selling at 100 times earnings that MIGHT come in
      5 years if 100 things go right. Wow.

    • Here some clarifications in regard to

      ALSTOM in Montreal has the capacity to build 3000 rail
      cars in 2.5 year. They are using the old South Shop.
      This shop was used until 1998 to remanufacture
      locomotives. Because of the old design with pits (34 of them),
      they moved the production line to the North Complex
      where a locomotive can be remanufactured in 22 days and
      3400 hours (10 positions).

      We won't talk about
      the diesel engine shop, but this is one of the best
      diesel shop on the continent: more that 350 engines can
      be remanufactured with a water break test

      These moves from the old shop and the diesel shop were
      achieved brilliantly by the former MK rail president, then
      a consultant. The man is a legend, don't even go
      there guys.

      After negociations with First Union
      Bank, they signed up a contract to build 3000 railcars.
      This contract required ALSTOM to invest to
      re-configure the South shop to accomodate the installation of
      production lines (Over the pits). The leader of that
      contract left the company; this was smart because the
      internal politics at ALSTOM is a lot of BS. The best men
      left keeping the bureaucrats. Let's say, if you need
      someone to run the marketing dept, just don't send the
      idiot of the village.

      With proper management,
      this outfit can produce easily 3000 cars, the labor in
      Montreal is one of the best. However, with the "old gang"
      gone since 12 months, ALSTOM will have to be carefull.
      Their marketing department was left by the best team
      ever. Now they are back with the former CN marketing
      team who are, of course, bureaucrats. Good luck

      The help from the ex-MK Rail team was the turning
      point for that business unit. God, what a team back
      then. The team left because the goal was reached; To
      bring profit back in Montreal.

      Too bad they had
      to go. Now, the old, regular pudknockers try to run
      the business. Good luck guys.

      So to answer the
      question, YES ALSTOM has the capability.

      The old

    • The struggle continues, but this stock is more
      than a bargain at current price. There is good
      potential for them to beat the new earnings projection of
      $2/share this year - I still see about $2.15. Recent high
      volume indicates many others concur on bargain price,
      and ownership turnover will be good for it. This
      company does not need a suitor. In a more favorable
      sector market, this stock will make exceptional gains
      from here. Value warrants patience.

    • Wabtech (just for uncle_mck) would be a good fit
      for Alstom. Alstom would not get the earnings
      leverage for added stock value that GE could obtain, due
      to lower PE, but still good along with complementary
      product fit. Ironically, I believe GRS once owned WABCO's
      primary competitor for railroad brakes. How's the balance

    • Don't you mean 300 cars? Don't think Alstom has capacity/ability to build 3000 cars in a year?

    • Like the dog it is! 13 15/16 and falling like a
      rock... Earnings not meeting anyones expectations.
      Remember the Titanic? An excellent ship it was, Fastest
      ship of its time, went down with all hands - sank in
      only 3 hours!

    • A good play if GE is indeed the suitor. MPI is a
      dedicated EMD component supplier, and this allows GE to
      attain their mandate. I believe, however, the final
      outcome will produce someone else-Alstom. They have made
      noises and very direct threats of moving into the NA
      market. Have rebuilt an alarming number of units (to the
      cost of MPI, VMV & LRC) and are building freight
      cars-3000 my last count for First Union. Thoughts?

    • Long term, Wabtec has good potential to provide
      better return to stockholders as an independant company.
      At current market price company could probably be
      bought for stock swap or cash valued in low $20's/share,
      or a 50% premium on discounted market price. Any
      overtures discovered prior to an agreement would drive
      price there quickly. A company like GE could swallow
      Wab without hiccupping. GE, in particular, would
      obtain excellent value through leverage of accretive
      earnings with complimentary product lines, including
      prized intellectual property. Today, however, that is
      all conjecture. Be patient. Price erosion is
      temporary and Wabtec holds good investment value either

    • There are rumours flying around that GE will
      try(or is trying) to aquire a controlling interest in
      WAB, what will this do to the stock price short and
      long term?

      It makes sense that GE would try

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