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  • itssonlyamatteroftime itssonlyamatteroftime Dec 7, 2012 3:42 PM Flag

    Is this what tax-loss selling looks like?

    I've never seen this stock behave like this. Absolutely no interest and forecasted to grow at 15% next year with a FP/E of 7? I don't get it.

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    • Look, its pretty simple. Let me do the math for you. Let's say your average buy price was $12 and now you can sell at $13.00. Your capital gain is $1.00. Until December you get to keep $0.85. But, after the December the vermin in Washington get to keep another dime and now you only get to keep $0.75/share. Here's how their scam works.

      a.) waste as much of the tax payer money as you need because it doesn't matter.
      b.) take expensive vacations, think of ridicuous programs that help nobody but the politican and above all make sure you spend more money than you have.
      c.) blame all the problems on the bad people. Terrorists? No. Successful people in this country. You know, people that worked really hard, saving and risking their hard earned dollars.

      Our country is joke now folks. We're doomed. The #$%$ that's coming out of DC and helped by the main stream media is killing us....Hopefully I've cleared things up for you.

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      • Financially, your description is clear, and correct.

        But, the moral decline is the cause. The finances are one of the symptoms. When there are no outside moral laws (like the 10 commandments and prayer re-moved from out schools, governments, media etc) but only self-focused selfish relativism where everyone is allowed to judge for themsleves what is right and wrong, this financial mess (along with increased suicides, depression, divorce, sexual perversions etc) is the natural result. We need God back in our society worse than ever.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I never sat on a coach.Please learn to spell.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You are correct. Here's a quote from a Bloomberg artcle

        More than two out of five U.S. investors surveyed last month said they are selling securities that have appreciated in price ahead of the end of the year, according to the latest Bloomberg Global Poll.

      • Main stream media does not have them for no reason: they are socializing this country. They are telling everyone that if you do not want to work hard and/or smart enough to make it, it is perfect OK to just rub those who do.

        Imagine this: you have worked hard and saved enough to buy your first BMW. Your neighbor, on the other hand, sit on the coach all the time, throw parties every Sunday and go vacations with a piled up credit card debt. But as you are looking forward to your first drive to work with your shinny BImmer, he shows up, takes your key and writes your checkbook to pay his credit card bills. This is why those voted for. Now they demand the Chief Thief to hand it to them!

    • Yup, valuation is absurdly low. If they had a 10x PE + cash we'd have a $24 stock. Maybe some day again. It would be nice in the meantime if they would be like some of the other companies out there and pay us a special dividend in 2012 while the tax rates are low.

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