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  • arbitrager_z arbitrager_z Oct 9, 2013 8:51 AM Flag

    Dr Evil

    Long time no chat? So how are you hodling up? Still same old same old with this company. Haven't seen you post about the millions you made on this company recently. Look, we all know you are probably still waiting for this ship to come in. FYI.... I am up 37% on my investments since this thing panned two years ago. And you are only down 50%. With the dividend it is probably only 45%. At this pace, I will be able to afford your home in the Hamptons in a manner of days.

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    • LOL.... the d-bag shows up after another down day once again. This is what dbags do best. Never hear from him when the stock is climbing. Why? So dbag, I purchased another 7,000 shares in the lower $11.00/share range with some of my wonderful dividend money, d-bag. I could live off this investment alone just in dividend payments. And now I'm actually being paid so I can buy more shares and earn even more dividend money. It's a beautiful thing. And as far as your 37% up.... what is that about $400 on your portfolio? My average cost on this issue is in around $7.25 so I am up huge. By the time we hit Q2 of 2014 we won't be hearing from anymore dbag....too many up days between now and then will completely drain the bag.

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      • Good day today for stock. Congrats. It was a good day for me to as I do own a small amount of stock in this one. As we know, I closed out most of my position based on our 50% clip we have gotten over the last 2 years. FYI - Your math doesn't add up. In your words "the dividend alone lets you live comfortably off this stock." You have made that comment before. So let's assume a comfortable is someone making $200k a year. At a 30% short term capital gains tax, that would mean you most like would need to make $260k a yr in dividends off this stock. So you would need to own close to 500,000 shares of SIMO to make that kind of jack on dividends alone. I am calling bull here Doc. People may hate me because I am negative on management of this company. But at least I am not one spreading lies on a message board to boost my self-esteem.

        You see at the height of my ownership, I have about 10,000 share of SIMO. My DCA was about $10.78. I bought starting at $4 and continued to $21. So I made some money but not life altering. I know own about 850 shares of this stock. Childs play to some but still about $10,000. I wish management did a better job creating shareholder value. And I have called them out on it. Sorry people like you won't criticize people who should be criticized but rather go after people who make a factual statement because you look bad owning a stock someone has argues could be worth more than it is.

      • You need to feel sorry for this individual. Negative thinking people normally are loners who must strive for attention by negative comments. Positive thinking individuals like yourself will have a better life and many more friends.
        Good luck in your endeavours Doc E.

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