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  • peace_trader_from_rb peace_trader_from_rb Dec 5, 2001 8:05 PM Flag

    I have decided to post here

    I am one of the largest shareholders of this company now.

    I trade this stock, I own hundreds of thousands of shares in the 30cent range.

    I believe there is to be some major movement this month of December, to the positive.

    I believe that anyone buying this stock now will make a healthy return in a short time.

    I have been accurate 5/6 times trading this stock for 2001, the only loss was a little over 2%.

    There is always capitulation before the rally. Today started capitulation.

    Jeff is really jealous that I make so much money on his "long term" hold. That is his problem.

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    • Hi Mr. Peace Trader,

      I have been reading your posts on RB and have started my own dd on this.

      I noticed you started buying in the .40 cent range and indicated that you felt a bottom might be at .38.

      This hit .25 yesterday so I'm wondering if you perhaps underestimated the weakness. Does this reflect fundamentals? Will potential dilution or the toxic convertible doom the huge potential of this company?

      As for your own trades, do you have a place where you would sell to cut your losses? At least part of your current position is almost a 40% loss. Normally, traders do at least a mental stop loss. I'm concerned about the overhang on traders and momentum players here.

      Long term, this company seems to have tremendous potential if they can get their financial structure in order. What is the chance of that?

      Thanks for your analysis.

    • If you own 200,000 shrs and it goes up .05 you make $10,000, not a bad pump, lol

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