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  • PTangRing PTangRing Dec 7, 2001 10:09 AM Flag

    I have decided to post here


    I'm not trying to bash you. To me it's irrelevant that you claim to make money in the past. Like the ads say, "Past performance does not necessarily .... etc." I could post a couple of hundred "pretend" trades. What is more important is the quality of your posted information.

    I'd appreciate it if you answered my posted questions. It appears that you are currently significantly underwater in your posted position. Again, I'm not bashing you, but am asking legitimate questions about when you would say you are wrong on this and cut your losses. If you are going to bail at a loss, I'd like to wait for that happen lol.

    I trade, long term to me is about 6 months, perhaps a year if taxes are important to answer your qustion.

    You say "buy low and sell high." That's your advice? It appears you have bought in the .40's and were holding yesterday when it hit .25. Doesn't sound like you listen to your own advice with all due respect.

    I also asked some legitimate fundamental questions about the company's financial structure. I think the company has tremendous potential but that won't do current shareholders any good unless they get concessions from holders of the prior debt and convertible securities.

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