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  • saltspringAZ saltspringAZ Jan 20, 2002 4:00 AM Flag

    SCVGirl, your links are bogus

    Please provide correct links or post a copy of the article you are referencing. It affects your credibility.

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    • I have the text from those links and they are legit. The site is currently being updated and they always take down the whole site to prevent partial reports from appearing. I don't see how this effects anyone's credibility and you must have a sense that your own is questionable if you are baiting someone to prove what they already know to be true with the intent to discredit for your stake in the outcome. Nice try though saltyspring!

    • agreed..

      I see it like this SHE IS 100% PUMPER. ( maybe some free shares ) :)

      I have never in 4 years seen someone post such BS on a stock trying to pump it. There is not one soul that takes her advice in investing. Why she just doesnt shut up and save her time beats me. Maybe a loner or even a paid pumper ?

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