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  • rationalthought11 rationalthought11 May 19, 2010 2:14 PM Flag

    name any other stateless currency

    A stateless currency cannot endure. There is simply insufficient political resolve to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure its survival. In a very real sense the Euro was DOA, it just took 2 decades for the internal asymmetries of its members to boil over and expose the charade. It would have happened much sooner if the world hadn't been gorging itself on debt.

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    • no way European Union and Euro go away, imho, this episode will move it to form a governmental authority and treaury to go along with the Central Bank. The momentum of Globalization is not done so Europe will be forced to step up. No choice. It will be United with Germany calling the shots like a Papa and France arguing like a Mama, with Oldest Son Italy getting the fast cars etc.. the rest of the children will get only left overs as Globalization has destroyed any vestage of unique mfg possibilities - Until that model matures OR completely unwinds which would be ugly,,, all imho

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