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  • alaska_37 alaska_37 Nov 11, 2011 5:28 AM Flag

    verizon is taking over

    I live in Anchorage, and just visited the site where verizon is building on,and that they purchased from A.C.S.Recently i went to costcoand they are only selling A.T.&T phone packages,i was told to wait because,Verizon is on the way, and will be sold through the costco kiosk. Verizon currently pays A.C.S. for roaming ,they have been doing business with A.C.S. for years. Verizon needs A.C.S to be a real player in Alaska and compete against A.T.&T. It's common sense that this deal will go through in the near future,this is why A.C.S. is avoiding the issue of a buyout or they would just say no. In my opinion A.C.S. will probably at least double in price, or go higher, most buyout companies do. I feel it's a great opportunity to buy now while the price is so low. I am long for alsk.

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    • Thanks for the info..

    • Don't worry... be happy... Just sit tight with your ALSK stock...this is why.
      “There is a rumor about Verizon Wireless buying the ACS Wireless network. ACS bought the VZW license 10 or 15yrs ago and has been the VZW CDMA roaming coverage in AK since that time. The ACS network is huge up there now and I suspect that VZW is interested in not only the 3G network, but also the sites to support 4G deployment. ACS has their own undersea fiber to the lower 48 so they can support the backhaul associated with 4G as well. ACS has been placing fiber to the cell site like crazy this past summer and I think they turned up about 200 new sites. ACS is actually considering overbuilding their network with 4G LTE and would be in a position to capture the market and block VZW if they want and continue to function as a roaming partner.”

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      • That is all pure fairy tales, ACS needs the roaming revenue to survive.
        You haven't done any DD or you would know this.
        The company is worth only $260 million and still has not made a profit in the last 2 quarters.
        It can not keep borrowing moneys to pay dividends so unless it turns a profit next quarter it will either drop the dividend to a lower payout or stop building the net work.
        It can't stop building the network because it will lose customers,so logic( which has nothing to do with this current board of fools) dictates that there will be a dividend cut.
        The company isn't going to disappear nor is it going to be bought by VZ, that doesn't mean that someone else might take control of this little company with big losses.

    • It makes the most sense to me, especially if I were thinking about this from the perspective of Verizon. I figure the cost to duplicate the ACS network is about $1 billion. Buying ACS for $10 per share would cost about $460 million and they would then acquire a $1 billion network with about $550 million in debt. That's $1 billion for the ACS network and no construction required. It could happen quickly and the board would have a fiduciary duty to accept the offer. ACS shareholders would definitely approve.

    • if vz is buying from alsk why would they build a new building when they could take over existing building.vz also doesnt want anything to do with existing land line,thats why they sold off land lines to frontier in rural states,good luck,t

    • I have to agree. Does anyone know if ALSK uses CDMA or GSM? That could be the tell for who will buy them.

    • I originally bought Alaska because I got a $65 roaming bill a few years ago when I spent time in Alaska - I figured if all the tourists like me spent $65 on roaming (via Verizon) they should make some money. I own Verizon also, and they pay a nice 5.4% dividend. . .If this is an all stock transaction, I still get a 5.4% dividend and more shares of Verizon - I think the takeover price would be about $9 a share on current calculations, but could be a bit higher. The only other possibility is some kind of a long term joint operating agreement, where Verizon brands in Alaska but is carried on Alaska's network - either way, Verizon will be in Alaska.

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