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  • lau_wang lau_wang Sep 23, 2001 11:06 PM Flag

    These are real Taiwanese helping each

    other! For those who do not read Chineses, this story is about victims of 921 earthquake whom received helps from Taipei residents are now voluntarily coming to help clean up the mess in Taipei caused by the big flood.

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    • Good lard !!! Dirty lee and dirty song can say something that I agree to !!!

      gu_lan_par,de_lan_par,deadly_sick_man, Please do real Taiwanese a big favor. MOVE TO japan. We will buy you a first class ticket plus dead_wen $228 dollars.

    • Good lard !!! Dirty Song can say something that I agree to !!!

      Wowgoners, AStan00, Ashore, Please do real Taiwanese a big favor. MOVE TO CHINA. We will buy you a first class ticket plus US 1000 dollars.

    • till vol.under 1M shares,then that is the time to get back in.

    • Can anyone comment on the drop....aren't we closer to a rebound in the chip cycle?

    • Abain secretry cannot recall evebnt. Say Abain haverice pnis.

    • <<I also hear other story. I hear Chiness govenrment require country to increase intelligence. So Chinese govenrment want to take Taiwan totally in order to triple national inteligence of Chiness. Is this true story?>>

      I also hear other story. I hear dead_wen govenrment require presdient to increase intelligence. So abain fuck his secratary
      in order to triple his inteligence .
      Is this true story?

    • I simply ask Chinese have marital relation more than 2 times. You get upset?

      I also hear other story. I hear Chiness govenrment require country to increase intelligence. So Chinese govenrment want to take Taiwan totally in order to triple national inteligence of Chiness. Is this true story?

    • harnjoke:

      You the son of motherfucker. Your balls are a joke and should be cut off and fed to a dog. You never screwed your wife, because she had sex with all communists she met.

      ---- abien

    • Indeed. Those who love the land and people are the real Taiwanese. Some people just does not understand. It does not matter where you wre born. It does not matter where your parents were born. As long as you love the land and care about the people, you are a Taiwanese.

      Wogoner, do you get it ?? You may be happier emigrating to China. In a land that you belong to and are so proude of the history and their military might.

      Atan-Q, I can see you and wwowgone are getting ready for the future. You guys can go bath way. Well, you guys definetly has nothing to owrry about the man/woman inbalance.

      Ashore, go to and check out 9/22 news. Ben Laden is now rumored to be hiding in XingChian Province China. Your boss is going to protect him ??

      See the news about NP idiots are crawling back to KMT ??? You suckers ! KMT lose 12 points to TSU and you no brainer want to give Lien, a Lee hand pick Lau-Tai support. Can you suckes see Lee is targeting Song ??

      • 3 Replies to songsuckdick
      • >> All Taiwan citizens are Taiwanese
        Hi Monica, you must have dyed your hair blonde. Most Canada citizens are proud to be Canadian; Most Korea citizens are proud to be Korean. What are the reasons that only a small portion of Taiwan citizens wants to be Taiwanese? Let me guess. Could it be that Taiwanese is a symbol of bigotry, subservience, hypocrisy, corruption, inefficiency, incompetence? Need I go on?

        Keep up your image. It goes well with your blue dress.

      • songdicksucker:
        i thought you suck song dick which make you so busy,but seems you still got a lot of time bullshit. then you better change your name to

        i think you got so much shit to talk about 'real taiwanese' just like the mad dog shit about 'new taiwanese'.

        let me tell you what is "taiwanese"-
        "dpp are new,real fucking taiwanese,other than that are jerks who belong to china"

        my father is a mainlander and my mother is a taiwanese (tainan guen),i was born in koushit city.
        i am a taiwanese,but i don't love taiwan any more since
        dirty lee cheated taiwanese and kiss jap ass.

        did "father of taiwan-dirty lee" do anything good for taiwan?
        did "son of taiwan-bs_abain" do anything good for taiwan?
        did "doughter of taiwan-ibm_alain" do anything good for taiwan?

        did "songdicksucker" did anything good for taiwan?
        com'n you stupid dpp,who care about you dpp screw up taiwan.
        let abain keep on fuck up taiwan.

        by the way,
        your best friend lou_wong_8 said he bought tons of tsm,umc since tsm around $20.
        tell him that he got a lot nerve. good luck to him.

    • Good, they helped each other.

      But, I would take it as an exception.

      People in Taiwan fight, insult, lie, cheat, harass, slander, and kill each other all the time, up from the blood-shedding in the Congress, down to the killing of friends, families, and strangers on the streets -- almost DAILY. If you don't believe me, turn on TV news from Taiwan, you'll understand why I meant.

      Don't take all the credits from those people who went to Taipei to help and use it as DDP's propaganda. Who knows, some or even all of them may be KMT, NT, or PPT supporters? We are not kindergarten kids whom can be fooled easily. Duh...

      BTW, did anyone watch yesterday's "A prayer for America" service at NY Yankee Stadium? Americans from diffierent race and religious backgrounds united together, prayed for America and showed their patriotism. It was so touching and my eyes simply clued to the TV.

      Frankly, are you able to see this scenario in Taiwan? Never, never, never... not in a 10,000 years!

      It's due to this patriotism that I want to become an American citizen, if possible. But, to re-build China is still my priority (if I don't do it, who else will? Besides, I've never blamed my ancestors for their incompetence and making us suffer in the last 200 years), so, I guess, I still want to be a Chinese at this moment. Maybe someday, I can be proud to be a chinese as well as an American or a proud Chinese American.

      Peace to the world...!

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