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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Nov 4, 2001 10:10 AM Flag

    CCPbuttlickerAtan, you are filthy

    Does the good looking real Chinese call you one small eye monkey face in your face ??? Trashing Taiwanese does not get your anywhere. You are a monkey face half Taiwanese half Chinese and licking CCP's butt after their bowel movement will not chnage how Chinese see you.

    By the way, why Chinese kicked your good lookng Mr. 10% old man out of China ??? Do you guys still believe in ELIMINATING all CCP by licking their butt ??

    Song hold your dick in his mouth. You guys are so afraid that he may bite it off but you guys does not want to get your thing out his mouth. Why ?? Because he can make you feel good. There always this slim chance he may put your Mr. 10% old man back in power. can you realy trush Lee's hand pick Lien Chan Mo Lan Par ??!! He is a monkey face after all !!

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    • my poor friend,you just lost your mind,man.
      you may
      1.beaten by dirty soong before ?
      2.suck too much dirty soong's dick.
      3.kiss too much abain's little asshole.
      4.lick too much your beloved vp_pussy.
      5.your father was a japben's cop.
      6.your mother was a "wee_an_fu"
      7.feel too much bai_jen like dirty_old _dog.
      you may get a higher chair to look a mirror,you will find out how you and your ancestor look like ,and why your ancestor being
      kick out of china.
      be a little bit smarter,using your brain to think,not like those dpp using knee to think.
      good luck my fried.

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