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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Dec 4, 2001 5:25 PM Flag

    Re: We Won!

    --Song is not a Chinese. He dare not to go back to China with his people.

    Song always tell people he is a TAIWANESE. He did not and will not sing the re-unification song. He did not openly sing the indepence song and is not likely in the near future. His China policy is essentially same as Arbian's.

    --Taiwan people don't vote for Song, that's why Song can't be a congressman.

    Not true. Song did not win enough votes to get in the congress but that does not mean people rejected him. After all PFP seat increased from 20 to 46. We will see how many seat het get when KMT lose its assests and has no money to buy any vote.

    Song refused to merge with KMT because he wanted to distance himself from the pro-China position Lien Chan and NP took. Lien Chan will fall and KMT will disintegrate. Song will no doubt bag all the mainlander votes in next election even if Arbian walks on water. Song will win the presidency if he can manage to trash those CCP mouth pieces to win some Taiwanese vote.

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    • Soong_s_d_,
      Does soong really have the Taiwan people's interests at heart or is he just being tricky and playing it safe because he needs the votes from the Taiwanese?
      I am saying that will he someday betray the Taiwanese? Can we trust him? These are stupid questions but I cannot help it.

      Welcome back, I used your story of having to fight without bullets in the army many many times.
      Corrections here though: atan is half Taiwanese but ashure is not, I don't think so. I said both atan and Lien Chan are half-Taiwanese, not atan and ashure are half-Taiwanese.

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