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  • csl1616 csl1616 Jan 10, 2002 8:12 PM Flag

    Wonderful web site for Taiwanese

    An article by Yan Min is very good.

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    [ 2002/1/10, ���� ]


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    • thanks god a_ban finally get ride of his hand picked 2_wife_chung,and again hand pick
      2_wife_chung did not qualify for that job at first place,a_ban should get all the blames.
      taiwan stock wellcome getting ride of him.
      but what are going to happen next.
      Same Shit_dpp_team Different Donkey.

    • So Elmer Fung has outlived his usefulness in Taiwan. Maybe his bosses in China have new assignments for him.

    • One small eye Monky face Atan-Q,

      What do you do when your "friends" tease your monky face mom and son ?? How do your Mr 25% oldman mange to wire out that kind of mony for you ?? Did your Mr 25% oldman cried his eyes out because DDP is in power and KMT will be forced to turn over their loots ???

      Talking about brain cells. Can you pass your final without cheating ?? Did your oldman buy you a green card like James Song did for his boy ??

      Your fellow KMT turn CCP Elmer Fung is moving to China. He finnaly do something good for Taiwan. Get my hint ??

    • A KMT pricelin turn communist never have to go shopping yourself. You think American can live on a couple hundreds a year like your fellow Chinees country men ?? You KMT turn Chinese communist did not know Taiwanese per capital income is $18000 a year ??

      Did you know the so called "natives" are Polynesian ?? There are nine tribes in Taiwan. You were born there and fed and dressed by us Taiwanese. You should read more about Taiwan and vist China to see if you still want to be a Chinese.

    • donkey wowgoner :

      No one can compete with you about that you can live with less than $500 a year, and you are still very happy. Your communists' boss tell you that there is no enough food to eat outside the China, so you should be happy that communists offer you enough food to eat and a place to sleep, and you believe that.

      America is not for wowgoner, Taiwan is not for wowgoner, only China is for wowgoner

    • songdicksucker have a logic???
      give me a f*king break!!!!!!!!
      if there is a one for him it must be 'shit logic' or 'no logic'
      his doc. already told him n times.
      to put his brain back work ,he need
      1.suck jabendick
      2.suck 2b_alain's 'b'
      not once everyday,must be twice a day

    • mitwnzson:
      for you two,2b_vp_alain can really help you.
      alain's one b can replace your shit brain
      that will make you a little bit smarter.
      alain's another b will make songdicksucker's
      fantasy come true.he love to suck everything
      except his own little dick.
      call hanjebar for help

    • " How did he get around the regulations for you to wire out that kind of money ??"
      --- good deductive reasoning

      "As I always said : One small eye half monkey face, know your place. You do NOT cross the divide."
      --- well put

    • Made enough money to live comformatably for 10 years ?? Between I and mt wife, we make 200K a year and we just get by. I will assume to live comfortably for 10 years, you must have made over 3 millions. Assuming that you doubled your money, you must had invested 1.5 millions and that is only 60% of the money you brought with you. Wow, you manage to bring with you 2.5 millions.

      Your oldman must be Mr. 20%, not 10% !!! How did he get aroun the regulation for you to wire out that kind of mony ???

      At heart of Taiwan lies an ethnic divide

      As I always said : One small eye half monky face know youe place. You do NOT cross the divide.

    • imtwnz:
      i am sorry for missing shot.
      but what ever you thought are totally wrong,and i don't really care about what you thought.
      to answer you question can be quit easy. mom bought your brain and mouth in a
      cheap and dirty jabenese shop.
      2.i am a chinese i have 50% taiwanese blood.
      and i am 100% chinese.
      i never be ashamed of my blood.
      3.i never called taiwanese 'dead_wen_lon'
      i call those jabenasslicker and ddtdicksucker 'dead_wen_lon',they can never be taiwanese.if you think you are a dead_wen_lon that's your problem.

      don't be shocked that i am a father of 4 years old son.i have a 4 months old doughter too.
      i belived you are older than me,don't be ashamed to be older than me.

      the last thing to answer you is going to be very important.
      <i don't know what you do for living>
      i made a excellent decision about 2 years ago.
      i sold my house and all stock about 2 years ago and move to this country.
      near 3 months ago,oct 16 to be exactly,i send
      60% of my money back to taiwan and bought 2 stock. 5371 @28.4 and 5461 @23.2
      i sold them last monday @64 and @45. my wife said we can have a decent live for another 10 years .
      i think that should answer your question,and by the mean time what i am trying to say is
      making money in taiwan stock market is more easier then here.
      the rule of thumb is when 1.ccp make a lot of shit on taiwan 2.old mad dog talk a lot of shit
      3.abain or alain talk a lot of shit.
      that is a time to buy taiwan stock.
      belive it or not ,10 days before chinese new year (not dead_wen_lon new year) is another good time to get back in taiwan's stock market

      thanks to my old man i learn all this from him.
      good luck to you.

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