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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Jan 11, 2002 7:10 PM Flag

    Wonderful web site for Taiwanese

    What language does American use ?? Does the people in this country call themself American ?? They do not use indian language !!

    In addition to emigrants from Hujen, there are Hakka people from Kan-tung. There are also recent emigrants like Chiang Ching Kao and Dr. Song who are from various province of China. They move Taiwan to escape your claws. They are all Taiwanese.

    Do you communist know how many tribes of natives in Taiwan ?? Do they use same language ??

    Your oldman Mr. 10% got got kicked out of China and you decide that you would rather be a Wowgon - Chinese communist ?? Are you going to put your oldman on trial for the crim he committed against the Chinese people ?? How about the money he stole from China ??

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    • Song_s_d_:

      Yow referred to Song as Dr. Song, obviously, you have some degree of deference for him. But why is your pen-name "song_s_d_"? I would expect anyone who uses this kind of name would be someone who despises him.

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      • we all knew so long that he just like one of those ddtdicksucker,include you and hanjebar.
        they say "chinese can eat everything which can
        fly and walk"
        i say "ddt_dead_wen_lon love to suck each other all day long when you give them a chance"
        look that koushit city mayor 'shit che le"
        look his mouth and his teeth you know how those ddt and their followers love to suck each other.

        there was a sad story about my son 2weeks ago.
        we were in a party everybody have fun with 2b_vp_shot_lain .then my 4 years old son came to me from the other room crying. i ask him what's happening?
        he said "why should i have 75% taiwanese blood
        this is not fare"
        do you know what i told him? ?
        i'll tell you jabendicksucker next time!

      • James Song dos has a Ph. D. degree. He may be dirty but he is a doctor. As I have said many times, compared to those CKS cronies, James Song is an angel.

        Song trashes those NP losers from time to time, but those CCP butt lickers still vote for him. CCP butt lickers do not trust him because Song may strike a deal with Arbian and left them out in the cold. On the other hand, Song is their hope that Chinese can win back the presidency. It is like Song is holding those CCP butt lickers' dick in his mouth. They do not want to take it out hoping Song gives them a blow job but they are also afraid of him because Song may bite their things off. More acurately, Songholddicks may be more appropriate.

    • Man, you dirty Song people are indeed smarter than those NP CCP butt lickers. Wowgone (Wha-Gon) in Chinese meanes China Communist.

      Hey, why your boss let Lan Chan Mo Lan Par hang on to his job ?? Is he going to take over KMT ??

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      • Let's get one thing stright. Song is not my boss. I like him because he is smart. I know he is dirty but I don't care. He is an angel compared to those CKS cronies. I depise idiots like Wowgone and Atan-Q.

        Why Song did not kick Lan Chan out ?? Because of DDP. DDP won big and they are going to force KMT to give up money they stole from the goverment. Without those assest, who wants KMT ??? KMT means corruption and oppresion to the Taiwanese and Song will have to distance himself with KMT just like he did with NP. If KMT manage to retain sizeable fortune, then, Song will return to KMT. Of course after the Chinese in KMT beg him to. Now, see how smart Song is now ??

      • It makes a lot of sense to me now. Thank you harnjee and song_s_d: WOWGONE(R) is derived from Wha-Gon which means Chinese Communist(party), or CCP in short.
        They are on payrolls from the CCP to spy on their fellow Chinese and other people of interests.Taiwan bashing is part of their propaganda missions. Their posts are their "homework" to justify their paychecks.I noticed that whenever someone complains about his political posts, WOWGONE would scramble around to post lots of engineering news, even if they are of little significance, in order to keep readers interested in reading his postings. Moreover, many many times when people ask him questions regarding their contents, he would be quiet as a mouse for he doesn't have the answers.

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