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  • insiderguy_2000 insiderguy_2000 Aug 8, 2002 12:20 AM Flag

    taiwan independence


    God damn it aban! don't back down your tone. Raise your voice higher. I want to see WAR WAR WAR WAR........

    This topic is deleted.
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    • you got too much bullshit.
      don't defend your 1% stupid father & 0.1% old dirty man. you ,hajebar and goulanden are all the same. if you want kiss dirty lee's asshole
      and suck dead_wen_mother p* that is your problem. aban is another dpp's shit head.
      you guy are using your do thing.i don't think
      aban does have brain. some time he kiss lee's ass,next time he kiss china ass.
      only you dpp know him,that's why taiwan is so
      fuck up. and tsm is so fuck up.
      but is good for me to buy this stock at a lower price at sep. listen. do't buy any dead_wen_lon's
      stock. at later time tsm,umc,astsf is ok.but not too good.

    • Take Harnje's offer and move to that country you claimed to be so nice. You stupid lier why tasy in the US ?

      Why you one small eye cry and was so ashame of his blood like you. You are nothing but one small eye half a monky face. Chinese people call you "stupid" (Dai-Pao ?) ?

    • hi sucker ! your are full of shit.
      during march 15 - june 15 my wife and i were in taiwan,kinman(big & small),hong kong and china.we stay taiwan about 4 week,we visit from i_lan,dan_shui,taipei,taichung down to
      koushit city then went to hong kong and china for about 5 week.
      when we came back to taipei from shanghai.
      we feel so sorry for this tiny city.
      sucker you are a stupid lier.

      my wife is a taiwanese but she is not a dead_wen_lon. she said she is so proud to be
      a chinese.
      i am so lucky during the trip.i sold all my
      taiwan stock at the end of march.
      the loot pay my trip very well.
      between sep. and oct i'll buy taiwan stock again and i hope next spring or summer i'll make more 'loot' and bring my son and my in-law to hong kong and china again.
      i need that more 'loot' because my wife is a big spender.

    • Forgot how you guys got whipped by Vietanamese ?? Percapital income of 400 a year. Can you afford a war ?? Well, is that how you CCP control population ?? That will solve the male/female inbalance roblem for you CCP princelins.

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