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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Aug 8, 2002 1:43 PM Flag

    taiwan independence

    If there is a war (now it has become unavoidable), Monkey Abian will be the first one to escape from that island, I'm so sure about him.

    Taiwan is an independent country? Idiot! You should be ashamed of yourself. No only can't you finish your "Earth-Shaking" paper, but also you've got an F in your modern history. You have no idea about what is real and what is wishful thinking.

    China will not take over Taiwan. Of course, not!!! China will take back Taiwan and that's for sure.

    But before China even take action, there will be (daily) bloody wars among MinNans, mailanders, hakkas, ans ShanBaws. Let's turn Taiwan into a bloody battleground as hell and kill each others. OK?

    "One inch of mountains and rivers takes one inch of blood to defend." I'm sure even CCP has to agree with what Chiang Kai-shek has said.

    All the slackers (Abian is one of them), cowards and traitors will get what they deserve someday.

    PS: You may as well forget your strong-buy sentiment, because you'll soon lose all of your money.

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    • Earth-Shaking paper: A fat monkey its name is ashuar2001, one day the fat monkey was on a tall tree to watch a fight, but this fat monkey dropped and hit the ground, it caused a big Earth-Shaking, all the fighters run away, the peace came , but the fat monkey died with its mouth widely open and its face down, a bird carried a big orange and dropped the orange into the monkey's mouth.

      PS : Do not worry about my money, I entered this paper in a contest, and I won 1 million prize.

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