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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Oct 5, 2002 8:54 AM Flag

    It is time that PFP take the leader



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    • "american boy"
      shame on you,i think your old man want you to
      be a proud dead_wen_lon and get ride of 1% chink blood,make friend with some white guy is
      not a big deal.
      you shold make friends with jap.
      learn that from you old man or your "wee_an"
      mother or just read some books written by old dirty jap dog - father of dead_wen_gou.

    • a second. I grew up in south Taiwan and I know Taiwanees hate your oldman. Why ? Why the TSU candidates win so many seat in Tainan and Kaushung ?? Why your oldman sent you with his loots to the State when you were a little girl.

      Taiwanese fought Japnese but the number of Taiwanese killed by were a small fraction of the number of your oldman killed. A generation of Taiwanese intellectual were wipped out by your oldman. DDP will eventually go after your oldman. Your oldman knew how protect his ass. He will need to pressure Lan Chan to step down and turn over KMT assests to PFP and you will need to show me your thong.

    • Mcmen,

      Yes you lied, many times. FOr one,
      the Taiwanese group that published the number of victims in 228 wasn't a hate group.

      You did exactly lied whey you said "These taiwanese intellectuals lost their power, $ and women when KMT took over." They lost because KMT's soldiers were conducting a campaign of terror with wide spread rubbing of Taiwanese properties and raping of Taiwanese women when they moved over from China.

    • Your article stated that:
      1. A DPP official went to brothel with a contractor,
      2. That official was drunk,thought the contractor was a rabbit, and tried to rape him;
      3. The prosecutor refused to handle the case;
      4. A non-dpp legislator helped the contractor to seek justify, but he identified the subordinate instead;
      5. The subordinate wants to sue the non-dpp legislator for $50M.

      The conclusion is very obvious: That corrupt official should pay for the defamation of his subordinate. While the prosecutor and Rabbit should resign for failure to prosecute K7.

      The scandal can be a lot worse: What and why did the official go to brothel with the contractor? Why did not the prosecutor handle this case? Did Rabbit know that the contractor and the non-dpp legislator have mid-identified the official and yet kept their mouths shut?

      • 2 Replies to McMEM
      • Your KMT oldman must have packed you up and send you fled to US when you are still a little girl. The drunk goverment official was a graduate from Huang-Pu Military academy and you know he is a KMT. The place they went to is a pub, not a brothel. There was no contract at the party. The drunk goverment offical was accused of licking the ear of a small resturant owner.

        Now, I can assure you this : that drunk official is no DDP fan. He owe his job to KMT.

        The article reported that Lee was misled. That person knowns the allegation was not true so that person fed the misinformation to Lee. Those dirty bustards wants PFP to take down DDP. If the truth come out, PFP will take the blame. We knon who are the bastards. Hey, babe, you better warn your KMT oldman not to play dirty.

      • Since we round-eyes have to skim through all this political crap anyway, please give us a short summary of who is who. I know who KMT is, but DSP, DPP?? The other parties??? Fujians, real Taiwanese, false Taiwanese, etc etc. Maybe better if you say something about each group other than an expletive.

        Scotch-Irish and Southern. Damn those Irish Yankees that burned Atlanta!

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