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  • harnjee harnjee Nov 13, 2002 7:40 PM Flag

    PROC/ROC =6.8X

    what do you get, CCPbuttlicker ?

    taiwanese per capital income = 18000. How much did yoy say Chinese income is ?? Maybe that is the reason why Chinese is fledding China in sealed containers ??

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    • harnjee,

      this time in the discussion, we don't go to GDP per capita. why? well, the so-called rise of China, or the upcoming threats to USA, or Japan first, is formulated in terms of GDP, rather than GDP divided by total population. the kind of challenge PROC poses to Japan and USA canbe best understaood in term sof GDP, not GDP divided by total population. if PROC's GDP per capital is at the industrial country's level, then the game would be over, and China would be the King of the world. "fortunately", we are not there yet. lol.... so, we take up the issue step by step... right now, the issue is to look at the GDP.

    • >>taiwanese per capital income = 18000

      Actually it is much higher than that, but Moses and DPP officials do not report their incomes.

      If you define TaiN as the capital, then "taiwanese per capital income = 18000" probably is true.

      Take away the share for Moses and DPP officials, the per capita income loses one digit. Most Taiwan citizens know where to give this digit to.

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