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  • get_a_clue99 get_a_clue99 Nov 25, 2002 11:49 AM Flag

    Let's define the issue right

    When there is an issue in Taiwan, we usually need to dig deeper to define the issue right first of all:

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    • Fake Taiwanese is not local people. They are foreign regime from Fujia. They speak a dialect of chinks. The discriminate us, the original inhabitants and the rest of the people. They robbed our land and resources during colonization stage, as documented by many Dutch historical descriptions. They behave just like CCP. Their love for Taiwan as genuine as CCP, as evidenced by all historical descriptions. They are even worse, they commit genocide on us.

      Thank you for the response. Fortunately, I see that what you are talking about is one thing: about "fake Taiwanese", while the focus of my post is on the KMT attitude toward Lee. So, as you can see, I am talking about apple, you about orange. different issues.... Basically, my post was interested in telling those KMT supporters that there is no need to take T H Lee as big deal. I did not say anything direectly about the original inhabitants.

      As to the original inhabitants, I guess they want to define who are the friends, and who are the foes, in a politically correct way. Then, they like to win more friends, and isolate their foes. Since they are still minority, they like to see two competing camps in a standoff. Then, both camps will need support from the original inhabitants in order to become the majority. By contrast, if there exists a clear majority already, no matter its color is green or blue, that majority camp will not need the original inhabitants.

      So, as a result, I believe for the original inhabitants, there is no permanent friends, no permanent foes, but only permanent interests. That is, the original inhabitants will always go to the number 2 camp to fight the number 1 camp, so that the currently leading number 1 camp will not become an easy majority.

      Since the relative strength of number 1 and numnber 2 camps are changing over time, so the number 2 camp for the original inhabitants to cooperate with will also be changing too. Therefore, there is no permanent friends, no permanent foes, but permanent interests in preventing any camp to become a dominant majority. For once there is a dominiant majority in Taiwan, the original inhabitants will no longer have political leverage any more.

    • The current government of Taiwan is already doing so with proposed new laws governing assests of political parties. This will make sure the assets that KMT stole over the last 50 years are returned to the people of Taiwan.

      >>the only way for ROC to prosper is to prosecute Moses and invest whatever she can recover into high tech industries.

    • Draw two columns and identify the strengths and weaknesses of ROC. It will be obvious that the only way for ROC to prosper is to prosecute Moses and invest whatever she can recover into high tech industries.

      Well, let's forgive Moses. My reasons:

      1. KMT, or the pan-blue camp for that matter, is larger than Moses. KMT has tradition, doctrine, and political mission to pursue. Moses is just an interruption. No big deal. KMT comes from a tradition of revolution, fights the war lords, and has seen more than Moses.... Moses is simply no big deal.

      2. The KMT has a vision to build a modern China. For this purpose, it is important to define who are the friends, and who are the foes. For this purpose, we note that the ultimate rival is the socialism, and the associated communist system in mainland. So, all Taiwan's mainlanders and their second generation should work with local Taiwanese people, just like what James Soong did when he was Taiwan Governor. We shall unite all possible friends to fight the one and only one foe, the commies. So, we shall go to the people, and count on our people. Taiwan's mainlanders should not have racial discrimination against local Taiwanese people.

      3. Mainland China is not invincible at all. When I say KMT should include mainland's development into her game pan, I mean it. So, the KMT people should not take the DPP as big deal, and want to fight them. Rather, the ones that should be the target is always the commies!

      After all, KMT is strongly anti-communism! Chiang Kai-Shek ran to Taiwan not because he wanted to fight the Taiwan independence movement, but because he wanted to fight the communism. DDP is wrong when saying that the KMT simply wanted to unite with the CCP in order to fight the pro-independnece people in Taiwan. Plz remember, KMT is born to fight the communism! No more, and no less!

      And, on fighting the communism, KMT and DPP can find common ground to work with each other.

      The larger-
      -than-life mission is to change mainland from within, and this is possible. KMT has done a lot along this line by seducing the People's Republic of China into the entry race to GATT/WTO. It is late president Chiang Jr. that designed this Grand Strategy, using Uncle Sam and EU as the big stick to knock down the communist central planning economic system! More to go... The KMT people should eye on mainland, and target on the CCP. DPP is okay, anyway.... No need to take Moses as big deal. KMT has higher mission to accomplish. Talking trash on Moses is not helping the political cause of building a modern China without communism.

    • Draw two columns and identify the strengths and weaknesses of ROC. It will be obvious that the only way for ROC to prosper is to prosecute Moses and invest whatever she can recover into high tech industries.

    • <<Remember that I am not only talking about expanding to China, aslo to Southeast Asia and Japan where there are many Fujian mainlanders there. >>

      I agree with your viewpoints.

    • <<Remember that America starts with a few states from northeast, then expands through wars and purchases to such a wealthy territory. America even provoked war with Canada trying to get some territory. I am not saying that Taiwan should do the same to exapand by military force. But we should boraden our scope to China through economics, trading, culture influences, democratic process. Limiting oneself to a small island and try to disconnct and deny roots from the rest is committing suicide. If we are confident enough, we should stand on our own feet and move west to excercise our impacts. >>

      Basically, you made good points here. BJust one comment here for you. It seems to me that you ignore one aspect: It is those DPP politicans in Taiwan that lack the guts to "Go West!" By contrast, a lot of local Taiwanese people have done so in expanding their opportunities and impacts in mainland China. They know how to build a base there, and even cut a deal with the CCP... They do not want to limit themselves to a small island only. So, you need to separate politicans from the people on this issue.

    • The collapse of the ROC government is a power struggle between Moses and Rabbit, and the farmers are just pawns. As your article pointed out, only 20% of the $ went to the farmers. Who do you think pocketed the other 80%?

      Moses was not the only K7, but most DPP legislators from the south were also involved and used the credit unions as their piggy banks. Most of them were gangsters, hence the term �black gold�. They will use force to fight against any type of bank reform, for fear of not only losing their source of $, but also potential jail terms. Fear of touching Moses and DPP legislators from the south, the Boy Scouts made the mistake trying to cut the benefits to the farmers, and the rest is history. The Boy Scouts forgot to study Wang An Shi.

      Emperor with no clothe: 10 billions; ROC citizens: zero. The average citizens are always zeros.

    • oh, that is great.
      You can read chinese on your computer now.

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