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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Nov 5, 2003 8:33 PM Flag

    McBabe, What did I tell you ??!!


    I warn about this months ago and now it happens. I knew KMT will play dirty.

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    To save this election, Song has to ditch Lien Chan. This is the only way to prevent DPP to win another term.

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    • Monica posted a link to a DDP newspaper reporting that Soong used heavy gun to attack the Rabbit for traveling to USA to receive a human rights award recently. That article did not report why USA allowed Rabbit to visit, nor why Soong attack Rabbit.

      Sing Tao Daily, a HK based newspaper that is widely considered unbiased, reported on 110503 that ROC agreed to purchase 8 submarines at $900M to $1.1B each, all figures in US dollars. In additional, China Air agreed to purchase several Boeing jets for an undisclosed amount. Those submarines are to be manufactured by HDW and will not have SOTA American stealth nor electronic technologies. Those boats will be diesel powered and have limited range submerged. No nuclear torpedoes, supersonic torpedoes nor conventional torpedoes come with the deal. All components will be constructed in Germany and there will not be any technology transfer. Korea, Pakistan and Greece previously purchased similar boats for $300M each.

      When questioned by the press on how HDW landed a $9B deal for the $2.4B products, the CEO admitted that the company contributed an undisclosed amount of $ to the Rabbit and DPP.

      Based on the salary paid by TSMC to hire top tier engineering graduates this summer, the $9B is roughly sufficient to pay for one millions ROC engineers for one year.

      Previously, the CEO of China Air appointed by Abain, eliminated scheduled repair to the aircrafts. As a result, one plane crashed and 200+ persons died. I coined the term "Rabbit" in memory of that accident.

    • In the first link, a DDP newspaper reported that an anonymous KMT legislator felt that KMT did not need Soong any more. Tell me again, are the average ROC citizen better off today vs. 15 years ago?

      In the second link, a DDP newspaper reported that the DPP is just as popular as KMT due to the Rabbit�s new halo for receiving a human rights award recently. Tell me again, what can an average ROC citizen do today politically that he could not do 15 years ago?

      In the same link, the same DDP newspaper reported that Soong used heavy gun to attack the Rabbit for not prosecuting Moses for corruption. Tell me again, of the long list of campaign promises, did the Rabbit able to deliver any of them, such as prosecuting K7?

      Learn from Davis, DPP is in trouble and needs your help. Don�t tell me, but tell ROC about your being Soong�s intern, and how you sing-a-song, and how you were deceived by him.

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