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  • McMEM McMEM Nov 5, 2003 9:31 PM Flag

    McBabe, What did I tell you ??!!

    In the first link, a DDP newspaper reported that an anonymous KMT legislator felt that KMT did not need Soong any more. Tell me again, are the average ROC citizen better off today vs. 15 years ago?

    In the second link, a DDP newspaper reported that the DPP is just as popular as KMT due to the Rabbit�s new halo for receiving a human rights award recently. Tell me again, what can an average ROC citizen do today politically that he could not do 15 years ago?

    In the same link, the same DDP newspaper reported that Soong used heavy gun to attack the Rabbit for not prosecuting Moses for corruption. Tell me again, of the long list of campaign promises, did the Rabbit able to deliver any of them, such as prosecuting K7?

    Learn from Davis, DPP is in trouble and needs your help. Don�t tell me, but tell ROC about your being Soong�s intern, and how you sing-a-song, and how you were deceived by him.

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