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  • ashuar2001 ashuar2001 Dec 22, 2003 3:08 PM Flag

    Bush & Hu discuss TW and N Korea

    '"On the Taiwan question, the Chinese government is willing to achieve the reunification peacefully with its utmost sincerity and greatest efforts, but Taiwan independence cannot be tolerated definitely," Hu was quoted as telling Bush.'

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    • Hu is worried too much, for there will be no Taiwan independence in reality, but just in lip services.

      When USA has nuke weapons, the problem facing foreign policy is a hot issue: Can you really threaten to use nuke on other countries? If not, then you are just a paper tiger. It was Henry Kissinger that tried to solve this problem in diplomacy. His theory in 1952 is to deliver credible threats without having to really use those nukes. Kissinger called it peace under "the balance of power".

      Now, China deployed a lot of missiles, as well as air forces, targeted on Taiwan. So, Taiwan then use credible political threats to strike a balance of power across the Strait.

      The pro-independence ruling party in Taiwan, however, can always back off from her pro-independence stance in the last minute. lol... When you play fire, you will make sure not to get burned.

      Since China does not want to fight a war prematurely (re: they need another 20 years for development), President Hu will have to talk like a hawk, hoping to strike some compromises with USA to contain the rise of the Taiwan independence movement. Taiwan will give up this movement if there are enough political concessions coming out from China.

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