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  • yournewking yournewking Jan 5, 2004 1:34 PM Flag

    Trouble Maker - Abian

    In China, workers from poor provinces are not allowed to migrate to richer provinces?


    In China, one can move ("travel") from one place (poor area) to another place (rich area). However, if the person is going to live in a new place (even in the same province!) and work there, he/she has to apply: 1) working permit, (2) living permit. If not, he/she is an illegal resident and subject to punishment as I mentioned previously. Further, if a person wants to get a permanent resident right, he/she has to pass some "immigration laws" (such as marry local people, buy a new house, investing a business, ask employer applying for him/her, go to college there..) If a person is not a permanent resident, he/she cannot get a driving license and therefore cannot buy a car. His/her kids can not go to public school (kindergarten to high school) to enjoy a lower tuition fee and a higher quality education (as compare to private school}, can not enjoy low hospital fee, can not .....

    Quangzhou, She-Zen, Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing are the hottest cities that poor Chinese people want to migrate. These cities have imposed more strict "migration and immigration laws". Policemen often hide in the key streets near "working rental houses" at about 7-8 am or 6-9 pm to stop the workers to check if they have "working and living permits". Policemen also often go to the rental houses directly at midnight.

    Anyway, Chinese people have no country identity. That why Beijing needs to use "motherland" (Zu-Ko, pig-country) almost everyday in the newspaper and TV to "educate" people. Sucker2k2 may not be a china dog but is a poor chinese. He/she is crying his/her motherland everyday. Too bad, China is going to disintegrate into several countries. He/she needs to look for a new motherland!

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