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  • sucker2k2 sucker2k2 Jan 11, 2004 2:40 PM Flag

    Abian: Wolves are coming!

    "Wolves are coming, Wolves are coming!" Abian shouts it again.

    Unfortunately, he has already told too many lies. He lost the credibility. Nobody listen to him because nobody can trust him. Even his own DDT fellows don't trrust him.

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    • hanjebar and mynewson,do you want bet?
      yban last fight will end 320.
      he and banso will give back what they stole
      from tanwan people.

    • sucker2k2 is a KMT crook turned CCP buttlicker. He is no China dog. He is a Chink. His olamad is a thief who stole the poor Chinese blind and got kicked out of China 65 years ago. Sadam is a inocent guy when standing next to CKS and his KMT crook cronies.

    • From TSM stock shareholder point of view, Abian and DDT got to go, period.

      Abian and DDT is bad to TSM. As a matter of fact, Abain and DDT is bad for everything in Taiwan. It's not just bad to Taiwan, now it is bad to the world.

      Abian is Saddeem Hussin Second. He force all the people in Taiwan to go to war for him, in his own words, for his "last fight in his lifetime".

      kids, terrorists are bad, stay away from them!

    • Sucker2k2 is a china dog. He/she/it is not reasonable. However, we should respect Taiwanese and Taiwan president Chen (A-Bien) who all work hard to contribute the world in general, and US in particular in many areas such as technology and world peace. Unfortunately, Sucker2k2 and its china dog gang continue releasing dog-shits to insult Taiwanese and pollute this board. Taiwanese has no option but to clean. You made good efforts. Thanks.

    • This sounds like the same problem that is happening in South America, US, EU, Russia, Africa, Canana, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Middle East.

    • Now I recognize you guys just care about money
      only, you don't respect yourselives. If anyone
      who can give you money don't say communist even ET to rule you, you are still happy. I really don't have any more words to say to you, the only word which I can say is "poor"
      you are really poor, men.

    • kiddle, take easy.

      TSM will have its good days ONLY Abian and DDT out from Taiwan.

      As long as these human trashes are still in Taiwan, TSM will not have any good day.

      Senior managements said and repeatly said if Abian and DDT win the coming election, they all will move to mainland China because even Communist treat semiconductor industry better than DDT did.

      As I said before, kids, TSM goes nowhere. Move yout bet to somewhere else. The latest happening is TSM Q4/03 revenue is below their own estimates.

    • You stupid shits keep posting this nonesense that only you God Damned Native Taiwanese seem to care. We don't give a fucking shit what happens to the politics of Taiwan or China. This is an investment forum. Go fucking jump in the lake, you morons! People had asked you guys nicely to stop posting political oriented stuff, but now we are pissed.

    • The economic growth in Taiwan is the worst in Asia. The unemployment rate is at 11% at one time, now still at 8%. Suicide rate is the highest in Asia.

      Do you need to say more?

      DDT already has expected they will lose this coming election.

      There is no leader in Asia has generated so much hates, controversy both in domestically and internationally. Abain is the guy who did all.

    • You are totally wrong because of thousand x thousand x thousand people who live in Taiwan
      trust him very strongly.

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