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  • songsuckdick songsuckdick Feb 9, 2004 12:38 PM Flag

    KMT crooks are you nuts or what ?

    You guys can not be that stupid !!! How can you allow Lan Chan to debate Abian ? It is over when this idiot face Abian. This Ma In-Chiu has to take full responsibility for losing this election. The only way out of this mess is for Lan Chan to become too ill to show his face and let Song debate Abian.

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    • If Soong debates Abian, it would be interesting if Abian asks Soong what role he played in the White-Terror era--why he had Carnegie-Mellon University professor(Chen Wen-cheng?) tortured to death; and why he shut down radio and TV in Taiwanese languages; and the whole truth behind the Kaohsiung-Incident--the jailor is now asking the public permission for the former prisoners' job.

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      • Imtwnz, its like talking to the wall isnt it? Well I take that back, at least the wall won't spew back irrationally and would probably be the preferable conversational partner.

        You say :
        >>Abian sucks!<<

        >>Can we talk
        >>Abian sucks!!!!!!!!!!!<<

        You say:
        >>you know I have questions about this KMT person and his previous role in Taiwanese history<<

        >>Oranges are full of Vitamin C<<

        >>Brtney Spears is damn hot<<

        See a pattern here? lol

      • whether debates or not, Abain/DDT is on its way to become a trash in history.

    • Wei, wei why hello sucker and your conjoined twin wowgoner. Looks like the mud-slinging hasn't stopped yet. You know a few minor corrections before yall begin bad-mouthing Taiwanese folks again =).

      Its the DPP party yall should be smearing, not DDT. DPP stands for the Democratic Progressive Party but I am sure upstanding folks such as yourselves who love Taiwan soooooooo much and are in no way, shape or form affiliated with the communist government in China already know that.

      Wow Abian's face turned black because wowgoner and sucker2k2 said so. That means I should vote for the communists. Hey yall everyone should jump off a cliff. Don't bother asking why its because sucker2k2 and wowgoner said so....wait wait look even their websites says to jump off the cliff...see that PROVES once and for all yall should immediately drop everything your doing right this very second and jump off the cliff....LoL

    • All I can add to this post (see below) is, according to the newspaper in Taiwan, Abain brought in his own cosmetologist for the debate on TV last time. His face doesn't look that balck on TV, it may be because of the special cosmetic treatment.


      For some reason, Abian's face in the recent news medium reports in Taiwan are turning black.

      There are serval explanations for this change.

      Inside the DDT camp, there is a saying that this is because he is too much a dictator, he always insists waht he wants and not taking any advice from other people, his face reflects that. Another saying said that this is because of the influential high position party members are looking "beyond" this Abian's coming election, and Abian isn't too happy about that. That's why he is using this black face toward these people inside the party.

      Outside DTT camp, most people just saying this is to do with the "black gold". The more he denies that, the more it reflects on his face. A small group people think this is not a big deal, he is just using the black face toward President Bush, that's all.

      No matter which saying is true, Abian face is turning black everyday. Abian's election camp starts to worry about this may damage his public image. Official actions are taken to prevent any further damages.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 17723 by sucker2k2

    • Thats my name don't wear it out =P. Sucker I'd worry about your own reputation before you get to mine. As for playing stupid just between us, I know I am not stupid and the big red STUPID label has to go on someone, so guess who is left lol.

    • JiNova: I have posted on Yahoo for sometime now. I don't know who you are, I don't know whom you sleep with. If you don't like any post here, just use the ignore buttom.

    • >>Redflyer is fair, he just cannot read and write as demonstrated by his posts. It is also possible that his emotion dominates his thoughts, thus all readings are distorted by his emotions. <<

      wowgoner wowzers your back! Your probably not familiar with instant messaging/American slang or else my last post would be as clear bright summer day. Writing in slang does not necessarily mean a person cannot read or write properly but perhaps that sometimes it conveys thoughts better for a select audience. So you are forgiven for this rash generalization.

      One more thing, do you really want to defend Sucker2k2 and his crude comments? For you that would be like stepping out of pigeon droppings straight into a pile of horse....well you get the picture.

    • BTW, why not join the military school in Taiwan, that fits you well, "Fight for Abain/DDT", hehehe! that fits you perfectly well! Watch out, People's Liberty Army is coming! hehehe

      Disclosure: My political stance has nothing to do with trading TSM. but, just to satisfy your curiosity: I am a die-hard KMT.

      I never support Abian. N-E-V-E-R. My reason is this: "Stupid, it's the economy!"

      I may selectively argue against some of your posts if those posts have holes or mispreceptions. When I do this, it does not mean I support Abian. Rather, it is just for discussion.

    • Boy those state-controlled news and media never stop spewwing it and sucker must be one of their peons. Its like a broken sewer main. You know what it is, you can see it, you can smell it and you know you shouldn't step in it but here comes Sucker2k2 promising you that its mineral-spring water fresh from the mountains.

      You know criticism is a good thing but not when it comes only from the opposition and especially when there is no freedom of speech or press. There must be at least a dissenting third voice to take away some of the bias. sucker2k2 has unfortunately chosen to back up all his political views from dubious sources. Is there any outside third point of view?

      Why sucker should be more like wowgoner and just come out and say he works for the Communist-Chinese government. He could be recruiter No. 2 for the Chinese People's Liberation Army right behind wowgoner.

    • A quick search on TSM board, "JiNova" is a new alias on the block. So far in the entire TSM board history, this alias has only posted two posts.

      I don't mind people uses alias, but please don't play stupid.

    • You're an idiot - just tell evetone you're short TSM -

      What's it going to at the most $9.90 - $9.70 you're a moron

      Prices are going to rise and you will be crying like a bitch that you didn't short something else and harras that message board - bitch

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